M. Billur Akdeniz Talay

Billur Akdeniz Talay

of Marketing
Phone: (603) 862-0751
Office: Paul College, 10 Garrison Avenue Rm 260G, Durham, NH 03824

Billur Akdeniz is a Professor of Marketing at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire. Billur is a marketing strategy scholar, and her research expertise and interests are in new product and innovation, brand management, and international marketing. She has conducted research in various industries, including automotive, motion pictures, and consumer packaged goods, building empirical models to provide answers to some of the pressing marketing strategy questions with managerial implications. Her research has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, and Journal of Product Innovation and Management, among others.

Billur is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Business Research for the Innovation & Technology track. She is on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Industrial Marketing Management, and International Business Review. Billur received the Best Reviewer Award from the Journal of Product Innovation Management in 2022 and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science in 2019. She also served as a Guest Editor for Special Issues at various journals.

Billur is an award-winning teacher whose main teaching areas are marketing analytics, international marketing, and marketing strategy. She has taught both in-class and online at the undergraduate level and in the MBA program. She received the Peter T. Paul College Excellence in Teaching Award in 2017 and was selected as the Best Online MBA Teacher by the students in 2020.

Since 2022, Billur has been a faculty fellow of UNH ADVANCE, funded by the National Science Foundation, aiming to improve the climate for faculty through equitable policies and leadership development. Previously, she was the Faculty Director for the MBA Program and the faculty fellow of the Center for Business Analytics at Paul College. She is a member of the American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing Science, and Academy of International Business.

Select Honors, Awards, and Grants

2021     Faculty Scholar Award, University of New Hampshire
2020     Online MBA Teaching Excellence Award, Peter T. Paul College
2019     Best Reviewer Award, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
2018     Advancing Academic Leaders Fellow, University of New Hampshire
2017     Recipient of the Peter T. Paul College Excellence in Teaching Award
2015     Research and Engagement Academy Fellowship, University of New Hampshire
2014     Richard E. Rosenthal Early Career Connection Fellowship, INFORMS Business Analytics and  Operations Research Conference
2012     Summer Research Fellowship, Graduate School, University of New Hampshire
2011     Faculty Instructional Technology Summer Institute (FITSI) Fellowship, UNH
2008     Fellow, AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium, University of Missouri

Courses Taught

  • ADMN 860: International Marketing
  • ADMN 901: PAUL MBA CORE Knowledge
  • MKTG 763: Marketing Analytics


  • Ph.D., Marketing, Michigan State University
  • M.B.A., Administrative Science and Economics, Bogazici University
  • B.A., Economics, Bogazici University

Research Interests

  • Innovation
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • New Product Development

Selected Publications

  • Berk Talay, M., Billur Akdeniz, M., & D. Townsend, J. (2023). Brand architecture: a literature review and future research directions. In A Research Agenda for Brand Management in a New Era of Consumerism (pp. 49-72). Edward Elgar Publishing. doi:10.4337/9781803925516.00011

  • Akdeniz, M. B., Talay, M. B., & Kirca, A. H. (2023). Looking back to move forward: Reviews and analyses of literature in industrial marketing. Industrial Marketing Management, 110, A4-A6. doi:10.1016/j.indmarman.2023.02.010

  • Akdeniz, M. B., & Talay, M. B. (2022). Happily (N)Ever After: An Empirical Examination of the Termination of IJVs across Emerging versus Developed Markets. Journal of Business Research, 148, 390-404.

  • O'Hern, M., Akdeniz, B., & Du, S. (2022). The effects of crowdsourcing contribution type and temporal consistency on new product development success. R&D Management, 52(1), 126-138. doi:10.1111/radm.12481

  • Kirca, A. H., Randhawa, P., Talay, M. B., & Akdeniz, M. B. (2020). The interactive effects of product and brand portfolio strategies on brand performance: Longitudinal evidence from the U.S. automotive industry. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 37(2), 421-439. doi:10.1016/j.ijresmar.2019.09.003

  • Talay, M. B., Akdeniz, M. B., Obal, M., & Townsend, J. D. (2019). Stock Market Reactions to New Product Launches in International Markets: The Moderating Role of Culture. Journal of International Marketing, 27(4), 81-98. doi:10.1177/1069031x19874789

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  • Gonzalez-Padron, T., Akdeniz, M. B., & Calantone, R. J. (2014). Benchmarking sales staffing efficiency in dealerships using extended data envelopment analysis. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, 67(9), 1904-1911. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2013.11.022

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  • Akdeniz, M. B., & Talay, M. B. (2013). Cultural variations in the use of marketing signals: a multilevel analysis of the motion picture industry. JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE, 41(5), 601-624. doi:10.1007/s11747-013-0338-5

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