Paul College COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Covid-19 Updates and Resources

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The faculty and staff here at Paul College want to keep you informed as we transition to remote learning, a first for many of us.  Similar to UNH's COVID-19 Updates and Resources webpage, this page will serve as a place for you to find Paul College specific updates, important information, and resources. 

We're here for you and we're all in this together!


 Student Instruction During Covid-19 

Information for Graduate Students
The UNH Graduate School has created this website to communicate information, updates and resources for all Graduate students.



Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office

Registration Message 3.27.20

Good afternoon everyone, Everyone in the office really misses you! During our daily Zoom calls, you’re our #1 topic of conversation. :)

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In light of the many changes you are all adjusting to, our office is trying to keep things as “normal” as we can for you with fall registration. Please see below for the steps for success:

How do I get my RAC information?

  •  A registration Canvas page will be created by your advisor
  • Juniors and seniors by credit will be enrolled by Monday in the Canvas course
  • Sophomores will be enrolled by the end of next week
  • There are 3 steps to follow within the Canvas course to get your RAC #/day/time:
    • Review the modules
    • Complete the current registration form
    • Submit as a homework assignment in Canvas to your advisor

Why can’t I find my course number in time & room?

  • Many course numbers have changed within the Paul curriculum
  • We have created a slide deck to help! Please see here.

More complete information will be shared via Canvas announcement. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your advisor.


Virtual Walk-in Hours 3.23.20

Hello Paul Students!

It’s Virtual Insanity: Paul College Walk-Ins Edition!

The Undergrad Programs & Advising Office will continue to offer walk-in hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

  • Who: YOU!
  • Where: Online via Zoom…use this link!
  • When: Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST

If you want to stop by walk-ins, use this link to jump into our online walk-in queue (same link as above). We appreciate your patience as we navigate this new world—you may be placed in the online “waiting room” until someone can see you. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

We’ll see you soon (use of cameras is highly encouraged!),

Paul Undergrad Programs & Advising Office


Advising Update 3.22.20

Hello Paul Students!

We would like to officially welcome you back from spring break! We know that things are going to be different and challenging over the next few weeks and we will continue to support through the transition and the remaining weeks of the semester. We wanted to provide some updates to you regarding advising operations; we are all working remotely and the best way to reach us will be via email, either to your assigned advisor or  We will aim for a 24 business hour response time. As email will be the primary method of communicating please check your UNH email at least on a daily basis at a minimum.

We will continue to use myWildCat Success for students to schedule virtual appointments.

  Walk-In Hours:

  • We plan to continue “walk-in hours” on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2-4pm for now. These hours will be adjusted if needed.
  • We are working on the best way to conduct these hours and will be in touch with more information.

  Fall Registration

  • We will be working with you virtually and via Zoom to get your fall schedule set and release your RAC numbers online.
  • We are currently creating a Canvas page that will have all of the registration information you need (and more) to submit your registration paperwork for advisor review.
  • We will begin this process first with rising seniors on April 1st and then continue with other classes later in the month.
  • You can find Webcat Registration Dates here.

  Summer Term

  • Summer term registration has been delayed until April 1st.
  • We’ll send out more information about summer term classes early next week.

Here are some resources that we encourage you to check out as we begin remote instruction:

As are many, we are working through new processes to make sure that you have everything you need to continue your education. Please reach out with any questions you have!

Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office


Summer Course Registration 3.31.20

Hello Students,

UNH summer course registration will open on Wednesday, April 1st.   All summer courses will be offered online.  Information on summer courses, registration, and summer tuition can all be found here

ADMN 703 will be restricted to seniors who need the course to satisfy graduation requirements for summer 2020 for the first two weeks of summer registration.  Email your advisor to  get permission to add the course prior to April 15th. On April 16th the course will be open to any students who meet the pre-requisites. 

The following Paul College Major courses will be offered online this summer.   
•    ADMN 410 – Management Information Systems
•    ADMN 420 – Business Statistics
•    ADMN 502 – Financial Accounting
•    ADMN 503 – Managerial Accounting
•    ADMN 570 – Principles of Finance
•    ADMN 575 – Behavior in Organizations
•    ADMN 580 – Quantitative Decision Methods (QDM)
•    ADMN 585 – Marketing
•    ADMN 703  - Strategic Decision Making  (by permission only)
•    ACFI 701 – Corporate Finance
•    ACFI 702 – Investment Analysis
•    ACFI 740 – Accounting Analytics
•    ECON 401 - Macroeconomics
•    ECON 402 – Microeconomics
•    MKTG 760 – International Marketing
•    MKTG 763 – Marketing Analytics
•    MKTG 798 – Digital Marketing Communications
•    PAUL 450 – Personal Finance

You can reach out to your advisor if you have questions about summer courses and how they may fit into your academic plan. 

Melissa Beecher, Lauren Cunningham, Rachel Kim, Lisa Pappajohn, Tamara Rury & Sean Stewart
Paul Undergraduate Programs and Advising

Pass/Fail Message to Students 4.6.20

Dear Paul College Students,

I hope everyone is doing well in this topsy turvy Covid-19 infected world! We care about your wellbeing and understand how confusing this all can be. In response, the faculty at UNH have elected to give you some options. I thought I would take a few moments to explain them to you.

Let me start off by saying that the faculty continues to evaluate the quality of your work and will be assigning a letter grade that we hope accurately reflects the effort you have invested in your courses. That being said, you now have the option (until April 28) to go into Webcat and change your grading preference to pass/fail for one, two or all of your courses. This option will become available after April 10 and you can change your mind as often as you would like up until April 28. Whatever has been selected by the end of the day on the 28th is what will appear on your official transcript.

We would encourage you to work hard, learn as much as you can, and earn a letter grade for all of your Paul courses. However, if you feel that you just cannot do your best, then go ahead and consider changing the grade to pass/fail. These changes to grading policy are for this semester only. The University will accept the grade of pass to satisfy discovery and writing intensive requirements. Paul College will use a grade of pass to satisfy major and minor requirements. If you have a second major or minor outside of Paul, you should contact the coordinator within that college.

It is important to note that all other rules remain in place. The most important rule that is not changing is the repeat course rule. What this means is that if you are repeating a course to earn a higher grade or hoping to replace an F with a pass – you may not do that. A letter grade can only be replaced by another letter grade (not a pass).

It is important to note that in Paul College, we do not allow a student to repeat a course more than twice. However, given the extraordinary circumstances we are all are working under, if you are not successful your second time thru, we will allow you to take the course a third time (for this semester and this semester only).

Other rules such as minimum GPA requirements to graduate or retain a scholarship also remain in place. Hence if you are below a 2.3 major GPA and elect to take all of your courses pass/fail, you will not have earned a high enough GPA to graduate. The same is true with a scholarship or earning honors.

Because making the decision to go pass/fail can have a number of unanticipated affects, we strongly recommend that you speak to your advisor before making any changes through Webcat.

Finally, the new rules offer you an opportunity to drop a single course without penalty before April 28. Please consider how this will impact your academic and graduation plans. A course must be dropped with a PDF add/drop form and will require your advisor’s signature.

More information is available at: If after reading the FAQ you have questions about making the best decision for your situation, I strongly encourage you to reach out to your advisor.

I know this has been stressful for everyone and has created a whole new set of challenges that no one had foreseen even a month ago. Thanks for your patience and determination to see this through as best as you can. We are all here to help.

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Neil B. Niman, Associate Dean of Academic Programs

Headshot of Neil Niman, Associate Dean of Academic Programs


Career and Professional Success Office (CaPS)

Paul CaPS- Virtual Support! 3.23.20

Within the Career and Professional Success team, we know that many of you are thinking about future internships and jobs—and aren’t quite sure what to do with uncertainty surrounding your search, interviews, and the availability of services from Career and Professional Success. 

We want to reassure you that we are here to support you throughout this time. You should NOT stop applying for jobs/internships, planning for summer internships, and engaging with potential employers. 

As we transition our services online for the coming weeks, please read this note as it provides you with links and helpful information. You can also find this information here:

  • Utilize Career Technologies already in place:

We offer a number of websites and platforms at all times that you can use to have your resume reviewed, practice interview techniques, network with alumni, learn about career options around the world, and more! 

To see all of these tools, visit.

  • Schedule career counseling appointments on Handshake (via Zoom):

Career appointments will be hosted virtually using Zoom and scheduled through Handshake

Log in to Handshake to schedule an appointment like you would at any other time.

  • Once you’ve selected your appointment category and type, you’ll see an option to select your Appointment Medium, which will default to "Video Call." Appointments will be completed using Zoom.
  • In the appointment confirmation email (sent to your UNH email), you will receive both a link and a phone number for the Zoom meeting (you can join by phone call or from a computer). Upon clicking on the link, you'll be entered in a virtual waiting room until the counselor lets you into the meeting.
  • For troubleshooting with Zoom, click here.


  • Career Drop-In Hours will not be held until in-person classes resume.
  • If you already have an appointment scheduled, your career team member will be in touch with you directly to share a virtual appointment Zoom link.


  • Attend online employer events:

Many employers are shifting all recruiting activities to online and virtual sessions. These continue to be found through Handshake under the "Events" tab. 
As we all adapt and adjust to this change in the UNH experience, we want you to know that we continue to be your partners in building your professional success!



Dean's Office

Covid-19 Student Message 3.30.20

Dear Paul College students,

We understand how disappointed you must be at the closure of our wonderful campus and the need to move everything online.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we embark on this new way of teaching and learning.  

We have worked hard to make Paul College a special place and community.  Now, instead of interacting with others in the Great Hall, attending one of our signature events, working with your classmates on a project or listening to a great lecture in person, all of us find ourselves working virtually from home to finish out the semester. In all of this we should remember that lives are at stake and we each can have a positive impact on those we care about the most by maintaining social distance to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

One of the advantages of being around for a long time is it helps to develop perspective and the realization that adversity is not just the subject of works of fiction but also is a part of everyday life. Overcoming adversity represents an opportunity to overcome new obstacles, making us stronger and more capable to take on new challenges.

We are reaching out today to let you know that while we are not with you in person, we are still here to support your education and help you realize your dreams. Our academic advisors are all available from remote locations to help you plan out your academic future. Our career advisors tell us that employers are still looking for interns or new employees and they are also eager to assist. The faculty has been working tirelessly to develop new instructional plans so that you can complete the semester and earn academic credit for all your hard work. Members of our staff in every department are here to support you in every way possible.

We are still Paul College and the spirit that makes us strong will continue to live on. While the future is at this time uncertain, our pledge to you is to keep you informed every step along the way. We understand this is of particular importance to our graduating seniors.  We hope you had a good first week back and we will be in touch soon. 

Also, stay connected through our Instagram account [].  We are seeking to make that account the social center for our community for the rest of the semester.   Please also visit the UNH Covid19 webpage regularly for updates and information on resources at UNH, and the Paul College Covid-19 webpage for college-specific updates. 

Be safe, stay healthy, and keep others safe as well.

Deborah Merrill-Sands, Dean

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Neil Niman, Associate Dean of Academic Programs

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Communications and Marketing

Help Paul Maintain a Virtual Community 3.30.20

Help Paul Maintain a Virtual Community 3.30.20

Paul’s Instagram account  needs your help! With our community having made the switch to fully virtual last week, the only way for us to share student stories is if you submit them. Our Multimedia Manager, Micky Bedell, is hoping you’ll have some ideas you can send her (and stories she never would have found otherwise!) But until some of you can help her uncover them, here are a few fun ideas she’s planning to do throughout the semester if she can get enough people to participate:
Senior Highlights 
While this is a strange time for many students, it’s especially hard for our seniors. Help Paul celebrate our seniors by nominating yourself (or your friends) to be highlighted in both the Instagram gallery and stories. Participation would require digging up some old photos (and maybe videos!) of moments throughout your time at UNH, and having a 15-30-minute recorded Zoom interview with Micky. She’ll ask you questions about your favorite moments, classes  –anything you want to share about your time here. She also wants you to use this as an opportunity to pass advice on to the Class of 2024, and thank anyone who has helped you get to the moment of graduation. 
Photographers across the nation are picking up their cameras to join in on the latest social trend: family portraits right outside their home. Help us create a Paul version of this series by taking a horizontal picture of you with your family on their front steps using the self-timer on your phone or an actual camera (if you have one!) Help us show that we’re all in this together, no matter where or who we are. 
Screenshots of funny/heartfelt/impressive moments in online learning 
We all know professors can sometimes get very creative when it comes to learning experiences. If one of your professors does something particularly amazing–maybe their cat has been enlisted as a teaching assistant, or they’ve found a particularly incredible way to leverage your virtual experience–grab a screenshot and let us know. 
Stay tuned on Paul’s Instagram account (and your e-mail) for more ideas/requests from Micky throughout the semester. Our community is not defined by the sunlight streaming through the windows in the great hall: it's about you and your experiences. Help us share them.