Inter-College Transfer Student Information

Paul College accepts students from other colleges at UNH twice a year (June and December) through a selective application process. Below are the application requirements for students wanting to change their major to Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Economics and Hospitality Management. If you are interested in the Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree, please click on the tab below for more information.

Application requirements apply to the following majors in Paul College:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    Option Areas include: Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurial Studies, Information Systems Management, International Business & Economics, or Student-Designed Option.
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics (Spring 2017 or prior catalog year)
  • Bachelor of Science in Analytical Economics* (Fall 2017 catalog year or later)


1. Students must attend a Paul College application meeting for inter-college transfers. Meetings will be held in December and May. To find out the date, location and times of the meeting, contact Paul College Undergraduate Programs in Suite 101.

2. Be a current, 4-year degree student attending UNH (2-year degree students are not eligible through this process *).

3. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

4. Are presently enrolled in or have completed at least two of the following Paul courses:

  • Business Administration applicants: ECON 401, ECON 402, ADMN 400, ADMN 410, ADMN 420, ADMN 502, ADMN 503
  • Hospitality Management applicants: HMGT 401, HMGT 405, HMGT 554, HMGT 567, ECON 401, ECON 402, ADMN 420, ADMN 502.
  • Economics BS applicants (*Spring 2017 or prior catalog year): ECON 401, ECON 402, ECON 605, ECON 611, ADMN 410, ADMN 420, ADMN 502, ADMN 503
  • Analytical Economics applicants (*Fall 2017 catalog year or later): ECON 401, ECON 402, ECON 605, ECON 611, ADMN 410, ADMN 420

5. Have earned an average of 3.0 in all Paul College courses completed and have no grade less than a C- in any required course. Preference may be given to those having completed a greater number of Paul College courses with grades of A and B.

PLEASE NOTE: A Paul College course may be repeated only once and no more than two Paul College required courses may be repeated. ADMN 403, a one credit required course in which the grade assigned is a CR or F (credit or fail), also falls under this repeat rule. If ADMN 403 has already been completed prior to applying to Paul College, you must have earned a grade of CR or you will not be eligible to apply to Paul College until the course is successfully repeated.

6. Have successfully passed Math 420, Math 424 A/B, or Math 425 (or equivalent transfer course).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Meeting the above requirements allows a student only to be eligible to apply to Paul College and does not guarantee that a student will be accepted into Paul College.

If you have questions about the transfer process, please contact

Bachelor of Arts in Economics Declaration Process

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to declare the Economics BA, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a cumulative UNH GPA of 2.75 or above.
  • Have completed both ECON 401 and ECON 402 and earned a grade of B- or above.  
  • A student may take ECON 605 or 611 and earn a B- or above to replace a lower grade in ECON 401 or 402. 
  • While transfer courses approved as equivalent may satisfy major requirements, they do not meet declaration criteria.  If both intro courses are transferred into UNH, students must complete 2 ECON courses in Paul College with a grade of B- or better. 

All current UNH degree program students who wish to declare the Economics BA must complete the online change of major process through Webcat.  Non-degree students must apply through the Undergraduate Admissions Office.  

PLEASE NOTE: Students can change anytime the major change process is open at UNH with the exception of the following blackout months:

  • PAUL Registration Appointment Period: November and April
  • First Year Orientation

Students wishing to declare a Bachelor of Science Major in Paul College need to apply through the competitive Paul College Inter-college Application process at the end of each semester (see process above). No special consideration will be given for Economics BA students to enter the BS programs in Paul College.

Informational Meetings

All meetings will take place in PAUL 203.

Tuesday, September 19: 1:00pm

Thursday, October 12: 3:00pm

Tuesday, November 7: 11:00am

    Application Information

    Application meetings will be held on the following dates for current 4-year degree* students interested in transferring into a Bachelor of Science major in the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics:

    Dates to be announced later in Fall Semester 

    Students** must attend ONE of the above meetings in order to apply to Paul College.  Students must have already met all transfer eligibility requirements to attend. 

    Information on Paul College programs may be found at:

    Paul College application only majors:

    Business Administration (BS)

    Hospitality Management (BS)

    BS in Economics

    BS in Analytical Economics


    The next Paul College inter-college transfer student application period will be in December 2017 (these applications will be reviewed in over winter break after Fall 2017 grades have been processed).