• Tom Kates

    Business Administration

    Business administration is a wide field that incorporates many types of operational and management positions. Paul College offers undergraduate and graduate programs that will help you build the skills, knowledge and experience to land a job and thrive in today’s evolving economy.

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  • Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics URC Poster Presentations.


    Paul College offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs that will ground you in the concepts and models of economics, while also teaching you the tools of economic analysis and how you can use these tools to analyze and better understand real world-situations such as efficiency of resource use, fairness of economic outcomes, and development of global and national economies. 

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  • Hospitality Management Gourmet Dinner, 3 student servers

    Hospitality Management

    Hospitality management will prepare you to manage operations and people in the hospitality industry. It provides the overall breadth and depth of business, economics, management and finance courses with a deep dive into concepts and practices distinct to the industry. 

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