Senior Snapshot: Diego Smith

Analytical Economics Major | New Zealand
Diego Smith tosses his graduation cap into the air in celebration in front of thompson hall.

⭐Diego Smith ‘22⭐
Analytical Economics
Seattle, WA ➡️ Hong Kong ➡️ China ➡️ Singapore ➡️ New Zealand

UNH Rugby, Atkins Investment Group, Dean's Ambassador

"When I was six, my family moved to Hong Kong for my dad’s job. It was a scary change. That kept happening! We then went to China, and then Singapore, where I went to a local school and was fully immersed in a new culture for the first time.

The emphasis academic excellence in Singapore really inspired me to work hard. I was surrounded by people who didn’t stop until they succeeded! I then finished high school in New Zealand, which gave me an entirely new perspective: it was a rural area, and kids were more motivated to pursue careers they were passionate about. I've really taken that to heart.

What drove me to UNH was location. My parents moved to Portland, ME, and I really wanted to be closer to them during these four years. I knew I wanted to be in a business program and Paul's looked great. UNH also has a rugby team, which was a major part of my life growing up.

But my time at Paul College has given me passion. And the opportunity to understand more about myself, what makes me happy, and what my weaknesses are.

I’m most proud of the friends I’ve made here. The people at UNH are so enriching - I love the variety of mindsets on this campus. The school is a perfect size. Not too big or small, with lots of opportunities to meet people from different walks of life.

One of my favorite memories: traveling with the rugby team my freshman year. I was really reserved, and having the seniors on the trip truly respect and care about me... What I love about our team is that it doesn't matter what year you are. It only matters that you give the team your all. I think that's an important lesson in all aspects of life.

UNH is what you make of it. Don’t be afraid to fail or take risks. Almost all of the clubs, jobs, experiences I've loved here have been because I took a risk.

Given the platform, I 100% want to thank my mom. She sacrificed everything for me by moving to the U.S. (and onward) from Mexico. Without her I wouldn't have had the opportunity to become who I am today. She's my biggest supporter."