Part-Time MBA Perfect for Working Professionals

Bianca Nicolosi '18G gained the knowledge and skills needed to advance her career
Part-Time MBA alum Bianca Nicolosi

Bianca Nicolosi '18G loved the flexibility of the part-time MBA program. If was the perfect fit for a busy professional looking to gain a deeper understanding of the skills necessary to grow her career, and the specialization in information systems and business analytics gave her a competitive edge.

 Q. Tell us a bit about your professional and personal background

I completed my Bachelor of Arts with a dual degree in journalism and Spanish, at Ithaca College in upstate New York. Post-graduation, I pursued a career in broadcast journalism and worked for the Boston CNN/NBC Affiliate Station, WHDH-7 as a reporter. The position required long hours, little pay, and no room for a social life, which made me question my career path. I applied for a digital media job at UNH, working for the Carsey School of Public Policy and have been their digital media coordinator for the past four years. My responsibilities are to develop and maintain the school’s internet presence. This includes maintaining its website, social media and video on demand, along with promoting research, events and academics. These promotions are distributed through email marketing, digital advertisement campaigns, video and webinar production, for which I also provide technical support. It is a fast-paced environment, which keeps it engaging and challenging for me. Upon the suggestion of my communication director, I decided to continue my education and applied to the MBA program. With my master’s degree specializing in information systems business analytics, I hope to pursue a managerial position in communications, marketing or information technology.

Q. Why did you decide to get your MBA?

Education has always opened many doors for me, and an MBA would help me move into the leadership role I desire. By completing my bachelor’s degree and participating in the leadership scholar program at Ithaca College, I am confident in my communication skills. By pursing my MBA, I would learn the business financials and budgeting skills I need to have a solid foundation to lead a successful and sustainable company.

Q. Why did you choose UNH’s Paul College?

My coworkers’ previous enrollment in the MBA program as well as Paul College’s prestigious AACSB accreditation, made me chose to apply for the program. As one of only 560 schools nationwide with AACSB accreditation, I felt the MBA program’s rigor and comprehensive course requirements would provide me the skills that were essential for my career advancement. My communications director advised me to pursue the MBA program and, as a University of New Hampshire employee, I was eager to advance my education on the campus where I work. She graduated from the program and expressed how valuable the collaboration with classmates, financial courses and professors’ support were to build a foundation for her management career.

 Q.  Did you take classes primarily at the Durham or Manchester campuses, or a combination of face-to-face and online?

I took a combination of my classes in Durham and online and feel these course options make the MBA interactive, flexible and attainable for working professionals. Paul College’s varied paths to a degree are exceptional, as all required courses are offered both online or in person -- allowing part-time students to determine which delivery method is best for them on a course-by-course basis. Pursuing a MBA while also working full-time requires self-discipline and organization but  the flexibility from Paul College made it very manageable, while still working and growing in my career.

Q. What would you tell someone considering the Part-Time MBA program at UNH?

All the MBA program core classes focus on group work, therefore I had the opportunity to work with classmates who not only work in different sectors but also are at different points in their career path. The variety of working professionals in each class enhanced classroom discussion and allowed us to learn from one another in addition to our professors.