MBA Paves the Way for Career Transition into Healthcare Administration 

Student Spotlight: Erin Diebold ‘23, '24G
Erin Diebold ‘23, '24G

Erin Diebold ‘23, '24G initially set her sights on working as a frontline healthcare worker.   

However, after gaining some experience in the field, she had a change of heart and is using the UNH Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program to make a career transition.  

Diebold earned a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science and had the opportunity to intern at multiple healthcare offices during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this experience, she learned about the administrative support that goes on behind the scenes. This piqued her interest and inspired Diebold to return to UNH for an MBA.  

“The COVID-19 pandemic is what really opened my eyes to my current career path,” Diebold says.  

During the pandemic, Diebold saw firsthand the increased burnout of healthcare workers and realized how much she wanted to help. By observing her classmates’ experiences on the frontlines, she recognized how important background support is in the healthcare industry.   

“I want to be that support for the doctors, the nurses, the EMTs, and the LNAs just to ensure that every healthcare worker has the support system they deserve,” Diebold says.  

Choosing the UNH MBA Program 

UNH has a special place in Diebold’s heart, so returning for an MBA was a no-brainer. She recalls her favorite course, the U.S. Healthcare System, because it pertains to what she wants to do. Although the class was asynchronous, she describes how the professor still took the time to engage with his students whenever possible.  

“Professor Bradley Herring was fantastic. Even though the material was hard to get through at times, he made it interesting. His lectures were engaging,” Diebold says.   

Diebold is no stranger to adapting to her surroundings. Coming to UNH was a significant adjustment at first. Originally, she came from a small town with only ten people in her graduating class. Throughout her undergrad years, she became accustomed to lecture hall classes. Switching gears to the MBA program was initially a challenge, but she was comforted by the attentiveness of her professors.  

“I had gotten used to the bigger classes, so now that I’m back in a smaller class setting, it’s a different adjustment, but the professors get to know every single one of us,” Diebold says.  

Once she completes the program, Diebold plans to intern at the Pain Specialty Group in Newington, NH, this summer. She aspires to use her firsthand clinical experience and knowledge of business to work in healthcare administration. 

-Spotlight written by Anya Carver '24