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Q&A with Kang Woo '22, MBA
Kang Woo '22 Full-Time MBA student

Kang Woo came to UNH Paul College to get his MBA because he wanted to better understand the "why" or business actions and decisions. He ran his own business for 3 years in Seoul, South Korea, and knows an MBA will help prepare him for inevitable changes in industry. And the fact that the program can be completed in one year was a major sell.

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree? Why your particular program?

Before coming to Paul College, I ran my own business for 3 years in Seoul, South Korea. While I was running my own business, I was able to learn business management through actual practice, but there was a problem. I could not explain “why” certain actions or business decisions were necessary in a theoretical way. In addition, considering future sustainability, change of the industry is inevitable. In order to shift from a smaller business to a larger business in the future business plan, I decided that comprehensive business management knowledge was necessary, so I became interested in the MBA program that would perfectly complement it.

Why did you choose UNH and Paul College?

University of New Hampshire Paul College was the best fit for the two conditions that I considered the most important when I was looking for a business school. First, a one-year MBA program, second, located in the east

coast of United States of America, these two conditions were the most important aspects that I considered. Most of my family members received their master's and doctoral degrees from the east coast of the United States, and they highly recommended universities that are located in the east coast, so I naturally became interested in the eastern part of the country. Also, since I am currently planning another business in South Korea, a one-year accelerated MBA program caught my attention.

Tell us about a favorite class and/or professor.

My favorite class that I took in Paul College was Economics of Competition. I majored in literature in undergraduate, so I've never taken an economics class before. While doing business, I learned the concept of economy in practice, but I had never heard of it before or understood it as a theory. Also, I understood how things work, but I had never really thought about "why." Therefore, the Economics of Competition class, which I was able to take theoretically, gave me a great insight and gave me an answer to my questions. I really enjoyed taking the lecture.

Kang Woo studying in his MBA class

Looking back on your time at UNH, what are you most proud of and why?

To be honest, what I most proud of is finishing the first term and entering the second term without failing so far. When I started the first term, there were more tasks and challenges than I expected, so I struggled a lot. Graduate school has been more demanding than undergraduate, but it has also been more satisfying.

What do you like most about Paul College?

What I like the most about Paul College is that the people here are always friendly and don't hesitate to help others. Also, even if they do not have direct contact, there are always people who are willing to help those in need. After entering the MBA program, while I was busy taking classes, Professor Inchan Kim, a Korean professor at Paul College, gave me a lot of advice and encouragement, even though I was not taking his classes. He gave me some advice on how to go through the graduate program and what kind of mindset I should have to study. Also, my classmates and department advisors helped me a lot in my study abroad life. As such, the members of Paul College are always generous in helping and encourages others.

What do you consider to be the strengths of your academic program?

The greatest strength of the Paul College MBA program is that you can complete your degree in one year. Through this, students have the advantage of easily returning and entering the industrial field in a short period of time. Although it is a one-year MBA, there are many electives options that students can take, and it is also big strength that there are 6 specialized concentrations that students can participate.

Do you have any advice for others who may be interested in this program?

A wide range of students come to the Paul College MBA program to study business administration. Most of them come with long- or short-term working experience. One of the thoughts I have is that there is bound to be a big difference between practice with a theoretical background and practice without a theoretical background. I realized this while studying at this school and other students will have the same experience as me. I hope that students who will participate in this program in the future will also have a meaningful experience like mine.

Is there anything you feel is important to know about you that we haven't asked about?

I majored in Korean Language and Literature in my undergraduate, and now I am majoring in Business Administration. Now I currently study two disciplines that do not have much in common with each other, but I enjoy both of them. I think that majoring in different fields of study is like having multiple perspectives most people do not have. In the future, I want to see, understand, and experience the world through these two perspectives.