"I chose Paul because there are aspects of business in almost everything you could do."

UNH Paul College student Kiyoshi Dustin leans on a brick wall outside Thompson Hall. He is wearing a winter coat with a fur lined hood, and a plaid button down.

⭐Kiyoshi Dustin '25⭐
Business Administration
The New Hampshire Gentlemen

"Coming to UNH, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I chose Paul because there are aspects of business in almost everything you could do. My brother was a Paul scholar here and the opportunities he had seemed to be endless. UNH seems like a place where I could thrive – even if I don't know exactly what I want right now!

I've always been very interested in music. I had heard about the UNH men's acapella group when I was in middle school because my chorus teacher was an alumnus from the Gents. They actually visited our school and taught us a couple of songs. From that moment on I knew I loved acapella.

Joining the Gents was a great opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone. It's a group of about ten guys, and we sing, hang out - it's a really fun time. Our Fall concert was one of the best nights of my time here so far. We had probably 25-30 alumni come from all over the country. Our organization is super tight-knit, almost like a brotherhood, and the support of our alums shows that. Overall it was a great atmosphere. I love performing, so being a part of this group has been an awesome experience. I've made great friends through the Gents and I'm really thankful for the niche group we have.

It’s only a few weeks into my second semester but one of my favorite courses so far is Global Citizenship. What I love – even if you come into class with a certain mindset, we have a discussion and you'll leave with more curiosity than you had initially. The classes are very eye-opening and it's interesting to see the perspectives of students who are from all different backgrounds.

One thing that I love about being here is the campus. It's so beautiful and if I'm ever down, I'll grab a cup of coffee and find somewhere outside to sit, like the fishbowl. I really love being in nature in general and there are a lot of great places around campus to hike or ski.

I originally came here worried that I wouldn't find the courage to branch out and meet new people. But so far I've learned that UNH has a wide range of opportunities and holds a broad community of individuals. I think, in time, I’ll find my way.”