Ju-Chin Huang appointed James R. Carter Professorship

Ju-Chin Huang

Economics Professor Ju-Chin Huang has been selected to be the new holder of the James R. Carter Professorship for a three-and-a-half year term beginning in January 1, 2020.  

Huang has had a stellar track record in research and is internationally recognized for her theoretical and applied work on methods for environmental valuation, including valuing nonmarket goods such as clean water as well as the social and environmental impact of new technologies.

Huang has sustained high quality research and publishing over the course of her career and maintains an active pipeline of new projects. She has published 34 peer-reviewed journal articles, three-quarters of which have been in A and A+ journals (as ranked by the ABDC list).  Her work is cited widely with over 2,350 citations recorded in Google Scholar. Much of her research is interdisciplinary and she has been a Co-PI on numerous research teams receiving major grants from federal agencies such as USDA, NSF, and NOAA.  

In addition to being a strong researcher who is shaping her field as well as public policy,  Huang also is an outstanding and respected teacher. She teaches econometrics and microeconomics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and has served as a chair or member on 16 dissertation committees.  Her students give her high evaluations and she is known for the rigor of her courses, her skills in presenting complex material clearly, and her ability to systematically integrate theory and application within these highly technical courses.  Huang has also been generous in her contributions to service, taking up leadership roles both within UNH and her profession. 

As her nomination letter states, “In sum, Professor Huang is internationally known for her original contributions to the field on valuing nonmarket goods. Her theoretical and empirical research is published largely in A+ and A journals and is highly cited. Her more applied grant-funded research has impacted policy making at the national, state, and local levels. Its dissemination and funding by NSF and other federal agencies bring great distinction to Paul College as a center of research excellence. Professor Huang has more than two decades of outstanding teaching and mentorship. Her public and professional service is distinguished and substantial. Her internal service is also impressive. She is eminently worthy of the James R. Carter Professorship.”