Internship Spotlight: Clara Richards

Sustainability Fellow at Scrapp Recyling
Clara Richards sits among the gardens outside Paul College.

Clara Richards '23
Economics: Public Policy + Sustainability

"The last few years I've mostly had internships I couldn't picture myself taking on as a career. But they helped me towards an important realization: I want to make a difference with my career and truly help people. That's why my current position at Scrapp Recycling is absolutely perfect.

Scrapp is a tech startup founded by former UNH students who are dedicated to making recycling simpler for both businesses and individuals. The team is very fun and flexible – and a big change of pace from the rigid, intimidating experiences I've had. But the best part is their 100% commitment to making a real difference in the world. It's really inspiring! I'm so excited to jump right in.

Through the summer I'll be working on outreach and development. My job is to pitch brand verification with Scrapp by companies sharing their packaging and materials data. This can help companies better understand their actual waste impact while also broadening consumers' understanding of the recyclability of products. A lot of packaging and materials that could be recycled end up in landfills! Scrapp tells consumers and brands the recycling guidelines in their area.

I can already tell this job is going to be a really good networking opportunity for me within the sustainability field. While I'm a little mortified at the idea of calling up these big company leaders, CEOs, and talking to them about Scrapp... I have faith that Paul has prepared me for anything that might pop up in this job. An internship should be about exposure to new things - so being a bit uncomfortable is a good thing.

I'll also be pursuing B-Corp certification for Scrapp. Last semester I was in UNH's B-Impact clinic and worked with a different company on this, so it'll be fascinating to be on the other side of that. I feel as if I'll have the real 360-view of the B-Corp process after this summer.

UNH has given me a lot of opportunities: this fellowship, Rutman Fellows, b-impact. And I've found my way to an industry and major I love."