The full-time MBA program is well planned, and full of career opportunities.

Q&A with Full-Time MBA Alumni Myadam Srinivas Nishanth Rao ‘20

Myadam Srinivas Nishanth Rao ‘20, from India, views his time spent pursuing his MBA as full of opportunities that led him to finding the right path for his future career. In this Q&A he talks about his experience in the Full-Time MBA program and the opportunities that come with achieving the power of directive decision making.

What made you choose to study at UNH’s Paul College over others offered in the region and the world?

I was really impressed with how the program was planned; and in such a short time, was incorporated with a practical business trip to china. I was also pleased with the physical location of the place. It very much suits a person like me.

What are you hoping to get out of the programme you are currently enrolled in?

I hope to achieve the power of directive decision making. I also hope to gain and increase my brain bank with all the leading case studies that would help me be a good leader and own my company.

Can you describe your experience as a student at the School (e.g., faculty support, facilities, clubs/extracurricular activities, study abroad experience, etc. wherever applicable)?

Everyone at UNH is very welcoming. I have had some great experiences already with staff and fellow students. Andrew has been taking time to guide us in every way possible. He is more like our go-to person for everything. I enjoy sitting in my professors classes, but the lectures are so overwhelming.

Describe the learning culture and community at UNH. Is it something you feel is unique, that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere? If so, kindly describe in detail.

The learning culture here is at a fast pace, yet very relaxed. The work is more like fun, and drives us every day at school. I cannot comment on whether I could find the same culture somewhere else as I have not seen many universities. I can say that UNH definitely makes you want to be here for longer and you would be proud to be part of this community.

Have there been any practical, industry or career-based experiences opened to you as a student at UNH?

We had our visit to the E-Center which looks very promising. I have not yet joined officially, but have been talking to some professors for their input on my start-up.

What is your most memorable UNH experience so far?

My most memorable UNH experience was our UDay which just happened on the 10th of September. This was a very well-organized event where we could meet different people from very different backgrounds.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time and what have you learned from UNH that will help you reach this position?

I definitely could see me as being married with kids and enjoying family time in 5 years down the road. On a serious note, though, I want to be an entrepreneur. I have been working towards this goal for awhile. I see myself opening my own business and confidently running a family business. I would be a global entrepreneur.

What advice would you offer a prospective international student considering the UNH Peter T Paul College of Business?

I would definitely tell them to have an open mind and keep their options open as there are many opportunities here. Just don’t be eager to run for the finish line you aimed for. You can definitely come across a different path that might lead you to a much better place. There are a lot of opportunities here and you get to grow with time. The last would be, prepare well for the winters as it gets really cold, really fast.