Bob Horgan '22

Finance and Information Systems and Business Analytics Double Major
Male student crossing his arms and smiling at the camera in front of the Paul College courtyard

Bob Horgan '22 is from Atkinson, NH and majoring in Finance and Information Systems and Business Analytics. At UNH he is a  FIRE peer advisor, part of the financial partners mentor program, and works for campus recreation managing intramural sport events. 
"I chose Paul because I thought it would be the best place to enjoy college while also setting me up for life post-grad. Every semester I spend here just proves that further. Since I got here I've really started to understand myself and where I want to be, and I feel very lucky to be in the place I am in.
My favorite thing about Paul is probably the classes. I'm here to be a student, and the courses I've taken have all been really enjoyable to me. A close second? The breakout rooms. Having access to private study spaces in Paul is amazing.
I won’t lie to you: this semester has definitely been a little weird. A lot of what I do is still in person, so that has been good, but COVID has kind of taken my ability to freely do the things and see the people I want. That has definitely made life a little tougher. I think mentally this semester has been a battle, but it will help everyone grow and learn to appreciate the little things. And I'm really grateful to be on campus at all: we're really lucky to have that opportunity. The staff and faculty here really want us to have the best experience possible. It's been so apparent this year how much they care about us and how dedicated they are to their jobs.
My big college advice to other students is to make a schedule and be proactive. Your guardians aren’t here to guide you through everything in life anymore, so embrace that freedom and start to figure out the type of stuff you are passionate about. Also… don’t be afraid to go do things that are out of your comfort zone. You will only grow from it. I was super uncomfortable with this takeover at first but I feel like the experience taught me some stuff about myself and I'm glad to be able to share that with you all." 

Check out what a typical a week in Bob's life at Paul College looks like: