Ajaypal Panesar '21

Economics Major
A male student smiles at the camera while seated in Paul College's outdoor courtyard.

Why did you choose economics as a major?

I entered UNH as an undeclared major. I took the introductory micro- and macroeconomic classes my freshman year and enjoyed how applicable the subject can be to a variety of topics. How it focuses on real life–utilizing data and results from case studies–and that it utilizes logic and reasoning.

What have you learned?

I have developed the ability to analyze and reason, data analysis skills, written and spoken communication skills, and interpersonal skills through working with disciplines other than economics. These are applicable to a variety of jobs.

How did your time in the program impact where you’re headed with your career?

I was fairly certain I wanted to become a dentist coming in as a freshman at UNH, however I was unsure of a major. Being an Economics major allowed me to learn more about healthcare from the health economics and policy aspect. Having this exposure was instrumental in understanding our healthcare system and the issues we are facing. These experiences have broadened the type of career options I can have as a dentist, such as being involved in health policy initiatives and research, in addition to providing healthcare to my community.

Why would you recommend Economics as a major to incoming freshmen?

I would recommend this major to others because it provides a fundamental general education and helps you develop valuable skills that are highly sought out by employers: ability to reason critically, quantitative skills and analysis, the ability to look at the “big picture”. An Economics background allows you to understand economic issues of great importance.