Paul J. Holloway Entrepreneur of the Year

The annual Paul J. Holloway Entrepreneur of the Year Award goes to an individual who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the state's business community, an appreciation for UNH and its resources and has a track record of creating entrepreneurial value, supporting and promoting new ventures and mentoring students engaged in business start-ups.


Paul J. Holloway Entrepreneurs of the Year

2021: Tom Moulton '77
2020: Andrea Kokolis '73, 77G
2019: Jeremy Hitchcock
2018: Jackie Eastwood
2017: William Wetzel
2016: Gregory Sancoff
2015: Bruce Cerullo '81
2014: Erik Dodier '92
2013: Paul Holloway
2012: Matt Pierson
2011: Bud Albin '55
2010: Jesse Devitte
2009: Joe Faro '91
2008: Kevin Short
2007: George McQuilken
2006: Katie Delahaye Paine
2005: Joe Reilly '90G
2004: Jeffrey Pollock
2003: Bob McCray