Emergency Response Training

In conjunction with the newly-developed Safety Committee within Paul College, the Dean’s Staff Advisory Committee is hosting the following emergency training session for October 2017:

Active Shooter/Campus Emergency Training

Upcoming Session

Check back soon for upcoming training announcements!

All Paul College faculty and staff are expected to attend a training session. UNH Chief of Police, Paul Dean, will be presenting each hour-long training session followed by a ½ hr. for questions. The training session is geared at preparing faculty/staff in our building with the necessary information and direction in dealing with emergency scenarios that, unfortunately, continue to occur across college campuses nationwide. It is in the best interest of all faculty/staff in our building to equip ourselves with the knowledge needed to respond to emergency situations appropriately and effectively for the safety of ourselves, and the students we work with each day.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact:

Ashley Lapp, Chair - Paul College Safety Committee