Frequently Asked MBA Questions

Application Questions
What are the MBA application deadlines?
To start in Fall 2019, the deadline has been extended to July 1, 2019.
How do I apply to the MBA Program?
Start your online application here: 
Are there any applicant guidelines or pre-requisites?
There are, but know that we take a portfolio approach when determining admission to the MBA program. This means our admissions committee takes into consideration all pieces of your application packet. 
  • Two years minimum professional experience; current seniors with high academic qualifications may apply.
  • 3.0 minimum undergraduate GPA.
I'm in my final year of undergraduate study - how should I report my transcripts?

You can submit an unofficial transcript with your application materials. Once you graduate, you can have your university send in an official copy. If you are a UNH undergraduate, we can obtain your transcript internally.

Are there any essay requirements or recommendations?

The essays help the Admissions Committee get to know who you are beyond your transcripts and resume. Answers typically range anywhere from a paragraph to a page, however there are no length requirements.

Do you offer scholarships to international students?

We currently offer scholarships to Full-Time students, including international applicants. These scholarships are merit-based; apply early to be considered. We do not offer scholarships to Part-Time or Online students, but ask about our MBA Ambassadors program, and ask your HR rep if your company participates in EdAssist, which can also offer a discount on tuition.

Where can I learn more about tuition and financial aid?

You can view our tuition breakdown here. For questions about applying for financial aid, please contact the financial aid office.

GMAT Questions
I got a low GMAT score. Does that automatically disqualify me?
No. Not everyone is a good test taker. This is why we take a portfolio approach for each applicant. We consider your transcripts, your resume, your essay questions, etc. before deciding on admission. 
Do you require the GMAT?
As of May 2019, we no longer require the GMAT for our MBA program. We do offer scholarships to applicants who score highly on the GMAT. 
Does my time in the military count as work experience?
Program Questions
How long are classes?
Classes are 8 weeks long. Our school year is divided into five terms: two in the fall, two in the spring, and one in the summer.
How many courses does the program consist of?
Students take 16 courses, or 48 credit hours, for their MBA.
How long does it take to graduate?
On average our Part-Time/Online students take 2-3.5 years to complete their MBA coursework. It depends on how many classes a student takes per term. Our Full-Time MBA is a one year program.
Do I have to choose a specialization?
No. You can choose to take any electives that fit your schedule and for which you have completed any pre-requisites.
What are residencies?
Full-Time students participate in two residencies during their MBA career. Throughout these residencies, students participate in corporate visits and networking opportunities. The New York City residency is 3 days long and takes place in mid-November. The International residency, which has most recently been in China, takes place between terms 3 and 4, during spring break. Part-Time and Online students can participate in residencies, too, and are encouraged to do so, though the trips are not included in their tuition.
Can I transfer classes from another institution?
A maximum of eight credits (normally two courses) may transfer and be used towards satisfying the MBA degree requirements. All courses presented for transfer credit must have been completed with a grade of B or better and taken for graduate credit at an AACSB-accredited institution. (However, if the credit was utilized in another degree it cannot be considered.)
To request transfer credit you must submit a copy of the syllabus from when you took the course. It should include the topics covered, assignments, and textbook information and submit it to the Graduate Programs Office with the “Transfer Request” form.
Can I try a class before I enroll?
Yes. You will need permission to take the course as a non-degree student. Once you enroll, your credits will count toward your degree. To request permission, please send us an email with the class you’d like to take. You should include a copy of your transcripts and resume to Someone from our office will contact you within 48 hours with next steps. NOTE: Enrolled students are given priority registration.  Non-degree classes are not eligible for financial aid.