2022: Selecting and Funding Social Franchisees

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This webinar was held Wednesday, October 19, 2022. 

Hosted by the Rosenberg International Franchise Center (Peter T. Paul College of Business at the University of New Hampshire) and the International Franchise Association Social Sector Franchise Task Force, this free, 90 minute social franchising webinar features perspectives from both the investment and social franchise community on a variety of topics, including understanding the vested interest of the franchisee, lead generation, qualifications, and funding. 

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USA & Canada)




10:00 AM 



Program Introduction

 Dr. E. Hachemi Aliouche

  Marla Rosner 



Panel Discussion

 - How does a commercial franchisor find and select franchisees?

  - How are commercial franchisees funded?

  Marla Rosner

  Peter D. Holt 





  - Description of Mercado Fresco

  - How are Mercado Fresco franchisees identified and selected?

  - How are they funded?


 Beth Meadows



 - Description of Unjani

  - How are Unjani franchisees identified and selected?

  - How are they funded?


  Lynda Toussaint

   Introduction of KIVA and Jibu Social Franchises   Marla Rosner
 10:45 AM  

 - Presentation of KIVA

 - KIVA’s criteria for funding a social franchise

 - Funding options

- What is the funding application process?

 - KIVA’s relationship with Jibu

 - Jibu’s and its franchisees’ funding needs

 - Jibu’s relationship with KIVA


  Michelle Schenck

  Galen Welsch

 11:15 AM Q & A  


11:30 AM


Program Wrap -Up| 
Closing Thoughts


 Marla Rosner


  • Dr. E. Hachemi Aliouche, Director, Rosenberg International Franchise Center, Peter T. Paul College of Business, University of New Hampshire
  • Marla Rosner, Senior Learning Consultant, MSA Worldwide; Chair, International Franchise Association Social Sector Franchising Task Force
  • Peter D. Holt, President & CEO, The Joint Chiropractic; Vice-Chair, International Franchise Association Social Sector Franchising Task Force
  • Beth Meadows, Founder & CEO, Supply Hope/Mercado Fresca
  • Lynda Toussaint, CEO, Unjani Clinics
  • Michelle Schenck, KIVA Senior Partnerships Manager, Labs
  • Galen Welsch, Founder and CEO, Jibu