2021: Realizing The Promise of Social Franchising

Realizing The Promise Of Social Franchising
March 24, 2021

The Rosenberg International Franchise Center (Peter T. Paul College of Business at the University of New Hampshire) and the International Franchise Association Social Sector Franchise Task Force hosted a 90-minute virtual conference on social franchising.

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Panelists Aliouche, Starbird, and Wilson presented their recent articles as published in the Stanford Social Innovations Review (“The Promise of Social Sector Franchising” – February 2021) and discussed social franchising as a promising powerful approach to multiplying the impacts of social enterprises, examined the experiences of four social franchises from different industries and different countries, and reflected on successes, challenges and lessons learned that may be important to the fledgling field of social franchising. Sabrina Habib talked about her experience as the co-founder of social franchisor Kidogo.