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Named for noted business entrepreneur and franchise pioneer William Rosenberg, the Rosenberg International Franchise Center (RIFC) explores and advances the understanding of franchising through research, education, and outreach.  



The Center offers franchising classes for business students at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics. The courses educate students in the fundamentals of franchising, and cover various topics in franchise management. In addition, the center maintains an extensive financial database of franchise corporations and is building three comprehensive research bibliography databases.

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The Center draws international attention for its three indices:

  • The RIFC 50 Index™
    • A quarterly index which tracks the financial performance of 50 public franchisors representative of the US franchise sector
  • The RIFC International Franchise Attractiveness Index™
    • An annual index which ranks 131 countries according to their attractiveness as international franchise expansion markets for US-based franchise organizations
  • The RIFC Global Social Franchise Index™
    • An index which ranks 131 countries according to the impacts social entrepreneurship and social franchising can have on the well-being of their citizens

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The Center is actively involved in franchising communities, both to gain information about current trends and challenges, and to share insights and solutions. We interact with industry experts, the International Franchise Association (IFA), and leading franchise scholars from around the world to produce timely and meaningful research reports. 

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