UNH Franchise Courses

International Franchising MKTG / HMGT 756

Students who are investigating entrepreneurial career opportunities will find this course especially interesting. Students enrolled in this course may be eligible for RIFC student awards, scholarships, and internships

Course Description

International Franchising MKTG / HMGT 756 is designed to help students acquire an understanding of franchising as a system of distribution and business expansion. Franchising will be studied from both the perspective of the franchisee and the franchisor. In addition, economic, financial marketing, and legal issues associated with franchising will be covered. By the end of the course, students will have acquired in-depth knowledge that will enable them to assess business opportunities available in franchising.

Course Format

International Franchising MKTG / HMGT 756 is designed to encourage learning both inside and outside the classroom. Inside the classroom, the emphasis is on lectures, strategy discussions and case studies. Presentations by industry leaders and consultants will cover aspects pertaining to franchise law, real estate. marketing and finance. Outside the classroom, the emphasis is on self-guided study, student team projects and franchise unit visits. Visit the UNH Academic Catalog to learn more about franchising-related courses, credit hours, and any pre-requists.