Research/Case Studies

Recently Published Social Franchising Reasearch

Starbird, G., Wilson, F., and Aliouche, E.H. (2021): “The Promise of Social Sector Franchising” in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Spring 2021
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Howard, J., Wilson, F. and Aliouche, E.H. (2020): “Providing Energy Solutions to India’s Bottom of the Pyramid Population” in Carsey Perspectives

Howard, J., Wilson, F. and Aliouche E.H. (2020): “Kidogo: Addressing the Childcare Needs of Low-Income Families of East Africa” in Carsey Perspectives

Ilona Drew, Abraham DeMaio, William Maddocks and Fiona Wilson (2017): “Meeting Farmers Where They Are” in Carsey Perspectives

Ilona Drew, Fiona Wilson and William Maddocks (2017): “Local Owners Driving Lasting Solutions” in Carsey Perspectives

Aliouche E.H.; Bonet Fernandez D. (2017) "Social Entrepreneurship and Franchising: A Panacea for Emerging Countries?" in G. Gendrikse, G. Cliquet, T. Ehrmann, J. Windsperger (Ed.), Management and Governance of Networks: Franchising, Cooperatives  and Strategic Alliances. Springer

Aliouche E.H., Schlentrich, U.  (2015) "Social Franchising" in Brookes, M. and Altinay, L. (editors), Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism: A Global Perspective, Goodfellow Publishers (United Kingdom)

Social Franchising Case Studies

Jibu Case Study   
This 2017 case study provides an overview of the business model, operations, and approaches of the social sector franchise, Jibu. Jibu seeks to simultaneously provide lasting access to affordable drinking water and to contribute to economic development through a network of locally-owned franchise businesses in East Africa and beyond.  

Kidogo Case Study
This 2020 case study provides an overview of Kidogo, an innovative East African social enterprise that is harnessing the power of social sector franchising. Kidogo combines best-practice early childhood Centres of Excellence best practices with a social franchising method that supports the quality improvement and growth of local childcare micro-businesses. 

Unjani Case Study
Unjani Clinic is a network of black women owned and operated primary healthcare clinics that provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare to communities in low income areas. It is an innovative model to address the inequality which exists between private and public healthcare services in South Africa.

Ziweto Case Study
This case study provides an overview of Ziweto Enterprises, a social venture using franchising methodology to scale its growth. The goal of this study is to present a clear picture of how the starting stages of a social franchise can expand and thrive in a developing country such as Malawi.