Minor in Entrepreneurship

The Minor in Entrepreneurship in the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics is available for non-business majors.


The Minor aims to provide non-business students with concepts, tools, and techniques to become creative thinkers, problem solvers, and innovative practitioners in any chosen professions. The focus of the Minor is not about creating startup ventures, although this may be an ancillary outcome. Rather, the emphasis is on embracing an entrepreneurial mindset and innovative thinking, in order to explore and seek opportunities by engaging in creative problem-solving.


The (3+2) structure of the Minor requires students to take three foundational courses offered by Paul College, which serve to build a disciplined approach to entrepreneurial problem-solving, innovation, business creation, and social entrepreneurship. The remaining two courses can be from Paul College or the student’s home college, depending on suitability and availability of the courses as well as a student’s interest to specialize in a specific area within the Minor, and subject to approval by the Faculty Director in charge of the Minor.

The three foundational courses from Paul College are:

  • MGT 598: Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
  • MKTG 598: Understanding Your Customers
  • DS 598: Realizing the Entrepreneurial Dream

The core courses are designed to follow a prescribed sequence that takes the student through the entrepreneurial process, in any field of activity.

Co-curricular Programming:

In addition to the five academic courses, all Minor students are strongly encouraged to take part in the extraordinary co-curricular activities offered by the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center, the Paul College (e.g. the Holloway Business Plan Competition), the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise (e.g. the Social Venture Innovation Challenge Competition), and the UNH Entrepreneurship Club (various year-round activities).