Entrepreneurship Minor

Entrepreneurship Minor

Program Overview

The Minor in Entrepreneurship in the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics is for non-business majors. The minor provides non-business students with concepts, tools and techniques to become creative thinkers, conceptualize and articulate problem statements, construct innovative solutions, and explore and seek opportunities. The focus of the minor is not about creating startups, although this may be an ancillary outcome, rather on entrepreneurial thinking that make the students engage in successful careers in their respective disciplines.   

The minor consists of three required courses offered by Paul and two courses from a selective list offered by the other UNH Colleges. The three Paul courses are designed to follow a proscribed sequence that take the student through the entrepreneurial process.


Laura Hill

Educational Program Coordinator
Phone: (603) 862-3341
Office: Center for Venture Research, Paul College Rm 360H, Durham, NH 03824

Curriculum & Requirements

Entrepreneurship Minor

Required Entrepreneurship sequence courses:
MGT 598
Topics (Thinking like an Entrepreneur)
MKTG 598
Topics in Marketing (Understanding Your Customer)
DS 598
Topics in Decision Sciences (Realizing the Entrepreneurial Dream)
Two courses from UNH Colleges (possible selections):
ARTS #699
Museum Studies
HIST 522
Science in the Modern World
HMP 721
Managing Health Care Organizations
HMP 722
Health Care Management II
RMP 775
Entrepreneurial and Commercial Recreation
TECH 750
Intellectual Asset Management for Engineers and Scientists
*For other course options, please see your Academic Advisor or contact the Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office

Please note:

  • The remaining two courses can be from Paul College or the student’s home college, depending on suitability and availability of the courses as well as a student’s interest to specialize in a specific area within the Minor, and subject to approval – please contact Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office.
  • Some of the listed courses are “special topics” (or equivalent). Please make sure that the course has the same title (not simply the same number) as the listed course in order for it to count for the minor.
  • The Entrepreneurship Minor also follows UNH policy for minors

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