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If you are interested in sustainable food systems, nutrition, health and well-being, than the EcoGastronomy major at UNH is the program for you. Blend your love for food with your vision for change.

This unique program blends sustainable food systems and culinary arts with business know-how. You'll get hands-on experience on local farms and in kitchens – and even spend a semester studying in Italy.

This dual major adds zest to any career path, but especially hospitality, nutrition, agribusiness, and food infrastructure. You'll be well-positioned for many jobs, from sommelier or chef to nutritionist or farm manager.

What is EcoGastronomy?

The term “gastronomy,” defined as the “art and appreciation of preparing and eating good food” is paired with the prefix “eco,” indicating that the “art and appreciation” of food cannot be separated from our agriculture, environment, and the myriad social, economic, political, and ethical issues associated with food production and eating. This dual major requires completion of the EcoGastronomy program with any other major.

Why study EcoGastronomy at UNH?

The dual major in EcoGastronomy at UNH was the first of its kind at any university in the country. A partnership of the Paul College of Business and Economics and the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, the program will provide you with a one-of-a-kind learning experience that links the fields of sustainable agriculture, regional cuisine, hospitality management, and nutrition. All students who declare the dual major in EcoGastronomy spend a semester abroad — in Ascoli Piceno, Italy; with a choice of spring, summer, or fall. Residents of Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Massachusetts, under the New England Regional Program, receive a discounted out-of-state tuition. 

Potential careers

  • Chef
  • Community health professional
  • Dietary technician
  • Farm manager
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Marketing & events manager
  • Nutritionist
  • Public policy analyst
  • Sommelier
  • Sustainability program director
  • Teacher

Director EcoGastronomy Dual Major
Phone: (603) 862-3327
Office: EcoGastronomy, Paul College Rm 101E, Durham, NH 03824
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    Dual major integrates sustainable agriculture, hospitality management, and nutrition
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Curriculum & Requirements

The Dual Major in EcoGastronomy integrates UNH strengths in sustainable agriculture, hospitality management, and nutrition. EcoGastronomy offers a unique academic program emphasizing the interdisciplinary, international, and experiential knowledge that connects all three fields. 

The EcoGastronomy Dual Major is a collaboration with the University of New Hampshire's College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, and the Sustainability Institute.

Degree Requirements

Minimum Credit Requirement: 128 credits
Minimum Residency Requirement: 32 credits must be taken at UNH
Minimum GPA: 2.0 required for conferral*
Core Curriculum Required: Discovery & Writing Program Requirements
Foreign Language Requirement: Yes, if primary major is a Bachelor of Arts
Declared Primary Major

All Major, Option and Elective Requirements as indicated.
*Major GPA requirements as indicated.

EcoGastronomy Dual Major Requirements

Required Courses
ECOG 401Introduction to Ecogastronomy4
SAFS 405Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production4
NUTR 400Nutrition in Health and Well Being4
NUTR 403Culinary Arts Skills Development4
or HMGT 405 Introduction to Food and Service Management
NUTR 686UNH-in-Italy Study Abroad 10
ECOG 701EcoGastronomy Capstone 22-4
Select one course from the following:4
ANSC 602
Animal Rights and Societal Issues
ANSC 698
Cooperative for Real Education in Agricultural Management (CREAM)
EREC 680
Agricultural and Food Policy
HIST 618
American Environmental History
HMGT 771
International Wine and Beverage
HMGT 570
International Food and Culture
MGT 662
Exploration in Entrepreneurial Management
NR 602
Natural Resources and Environmental Policy
NR 720
International Environmental Politics and Policies for the 21st Century
NR 784
Sustainable Living - Global Perspectives
NR 785
Systems Thinking for Sustainable Solutions
NUTR 625
From Farm to the Italian Table
NUTR 720
Community Nutrition
NUTR 730
From Seed to Sea: Examining Sustainable Food Systems
SAFS 620
Food Systems & Community Resilience
SAFS 679
Food Production Field Experience I
SOC 665
Environmental Sociology
ZOOL 610
Principles of Aquaculture
MEFB 772
Fisheries Biology: Conservation and Management
Total Credits22-24

NUTR 686 UNH-in-Italy Study Abroad is a variable credit course. ECOG students must complete at least 8 credits of study abroad.


Satisfies the capstone requirement of the Discovery Program for the EcoGastronomy major.

  • Students will understand and be able to communicate the interconnected nature of the food system, taking into account the social, political, ethical, environmental, economic, and social justice issues that are intertwined in the system.
  • Students will gain practical understanding of food system sustainability by engaging in experiential education opportunities.
  • Students will be able to speak fluently in the language of sustainable food systems.
  • Students will effectively analyze and evaluate the full lifecycle of a food, or food product, by identifying and applying reliable information.
  • Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
  • Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills.
  • Students will demonstrate effective presentation skills.

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