Harness the power of data to develop insight into business decisions and organizational questions. The Master of Science in Business Analytics will develop your skills in data analysis and visualization, predicting/forecasting future probabilities and trends, and helping leaders make decisions in resource-constrained environments.

The need for professionals in every industry to develop competencies in analytics techniques and applications is growing at an unprecedented pace. A graduate certificate in business analytics will help you make a positive impact on your enterprise’s performance and provide knowledge and skills to stand out in the job market, including data analysis and visualization, predicting/forecasting future probabilities and trends, and more.

You're eager to advance or switch your career and know an MBA is the best way to get there. The University of New Hampshire’s Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics offers one of the nation's best online and part-time MBA programs, which stands out among its peers for outstanding student support and success.

Solve complex financial problems with a Master of Science in Finance. Whether you are looking to advance your career or break into a new area of business, you’ll be positioned to compete for some of the most lucrative and competitive jobs on the market. This program is perfect for those with undergraduate preparation in business, economics, or STEM fields, and is open to others after pre-requisite coursework.

Paul College’s Master of Science in Economics program is one of the most rigorous in the country. Learn advanced economic theory, econometric and data analysis, and how to code in R and SAS all in one year. Its two tracks give students flexibility to pursue careers in academia or industry, with the industry track culminating in a corporate internship or consulting project.

Learn how to thrive in a world that is increasingly influenced by big data and machine learning. This program combines strong foundations in economic theory with advanced data analysis techniques. Master the business industry’s dominant programming language for both econometric analysis and machine learning. With this degree you will be ready for careers in business, finance, and consulting in an AI-dominated world