Learn, grow, and establish meaningful connections. The foundation for the Center for Business Analytics is engagement with students, faculty, and industry. Students and entrepreneurs can access the people and tools they need to grow and succeed, including guest speakers, information sessions, careers, alumni networks, and research.

Partner with the Center to assess your Business Intelligence and Data Management capabilities

Our core team and student consultants will work on your project to help you solve business analytics challenges, improve operational performance and identify opportunities.

Be a speaker at industry lecture series

Monthly lectures focused on a specific topic related to the industry (e.g. Marketing Analytics: Leveraging Data to Drive Sales, Building Your Brand as an Analyst)

Become a client for a consulting/experiential learning project (capstones)

  • Information Systems & Business Analytics Capstone: Seniors work in small teams to solve information systems issues and analyze complete data sets.

  • Master of Business Analytics Capstone: Graduate Students work with clients on larger-scale analytics challenges, including data analysis, developing data management strategies, and developing data visualizations.
  • Master of Science in Analytical Economics Capstone: Graduate Students apply their economics, analytics, and data analysis skills to help businesses and other organizations use data sets for pricing analysis, capital expenditure, human resources, and other decision-making problems across the enterprise.
  • MBA Capstone: Graduate Students in our Full-Time MBA incorporate concepts and knowledge learned in the classroom to consult with clients on a real strategic challenge.

Direct Recruiting of our students (Hire a Wildcat!)

Internships and opportunities for direct recruiting

Solve real-life business problems, and apply your skills and knowledge while learning from our team and exploring the resources the Center provides.

Participate in Career Fairs & Networking Events

Mock interviews and Resume feedback