About the Center

About the Center

The Center for Business Analytics was established in 2021 as part of a $6 million gift from UNH alumnus Peter T. Paul. We aim to bring together the knowledge and expertise of professors, students, and industry professionals in data analytics and business intelligence. Here at the Center, we provide the tools and connections to our clients who want to grow, learn and establish meaningful partnerships.


Student Consultants

Our team of interns is ready to help transform your business. Talented students with backgrounds in Marketing, Data Analytics, Economics, Finance, and more are assigned projects based on your goals and best match.


Industry Partners

The Center helps businesses hear the story their data wants to tell. We have partnered with businesses and professionals across New England to provide the best quality services in Business Intelligence, Data Management, Machine Learning, and more.


Staff and Faculty

Our goal as staff members at the Center for Business Analytics is to provide you with the best opportunities for networking, finding talents and improving your approach to business analytics.

  • Arsida Shkembi, Underwriting Insurance Operations, Safety Insurance

    "Andrew (Mitchell, Assistant Director) has been a great help throughout all of this. I had gotten to the point where I was losing hope, and Andrew never gave up on me... It was the kind of thing where, obviously people are willing to help, but I didn't expect anyone to go to that extent."

    - Arsida Shkembi, BS Analytics and Data Science '22, Underwriting Insurance Operations, Safety Insurance

  • Riley Burns, Product Cost Data Analyst, New Balance

    "When I first started applying for jobs, I knew I wanted to go into financial analytics. I needed more analytical experience, so I started an internship at the Center for Business Analytics. As soon as I started talking about my experience at the Center, companies wanted to hear it. I received resources to help guide me in the application process, including the Assistant Director, Andrew Mitchell, who referred me to a job I got an offer at. I accepted a job at New Balance, and I'm super excited to work there."

    - Riley Burns, MBA Finance Specialization '22G, Product Cost Analyst, New Balance

  • Corey McConville, Financial Analyst, Stonyfield

    "They (the Center) put on a lot of networking events. They would help you print your resume, take pictures for your LinkedIn... there were two job fairs where they had representatives come from all kinds of businesses around the New Hampshire and Boston area. That was useful, to get to talk to people in the field... it was good practice and opened a couple doors for sure."

    - Corey McConville, MSBA '22G, Financial Analyst, Stonyfield



"The Center for Business Analytics [...] is absolutely critical in New Hampshire to bring small businesses together to share knowledge, learn and connect with students and researchers in this emerging area. It lifts all boats, so to speak - students, faculty, the university, and businesses."
- Bryan Belanger '10, '11G MB, Senior Director at Technology Business Research, Inc.

"The Center is going to be a hub of innovation and quality when it comes to data science. It implements a cohesive environment where students from different majors can work together and all benefit from each other's experience."
- Ali Mara, '25G PhD Economics, Student Consultant & Analyst, Center for Business Analytics

"As Assistant Director, I'm focused on building an experiential learning hub centered not just around current UNH students, faculty, and staff, but also alumni and industry... Already I've learned a million-and-one things at the Center, and I've only become more excited about the work we're doing."
- Andrew Mitchell, Assistant Director, Center for Business Analytics