Business Administration student in the classroom
Fahimeh Ebrahimisadrabadi

Yazd, Iran
PhD Economics

Fun Fact – Fahimeh is crazy about height! If she could do anything right now, she would go bungee jumping.


Fahimeh has got BSc in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s in Socioeconomic Systems Engineering. At the Center she leads a project on big data issues.

She has delivered valuable results on data management problem in which her team developed robots to automate large-data files and eliminate redundant manual tasks.

Will Alfonsi
Will Alfonsi

Kingston, NH
MS Economics

Fun Fact – Will has driven across the United States 3 times so far.


After graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Will served 7 years as a Military Intelligence Officer in the US Army. After, he worked in the e-sports industry at Cloud9 Esports Inc. Will is currently working towards a Masters in Analytical Economics while working at the Center.

In 5 years, Will would like to be leading a team in finance and data analytics.

Joseph Roussos

Rochester, New Hampshire

BS Analytics and Data Science

Fun fact - Joseph develops video games in Unity in his spare time. 


Joseph loves applying technology in unique ways to solve complex problems. From data visualizations to collecting and cleaning data, he has experience in a wide variety of techniques. His past projects include building a prediction model using data from the climbing industry, as well as building a robust database to store and analyze chess games.

Daniel L
Daniel Lavoie

Nashua, New Hampshire

BS Computer Science

Fun fact - Daniel plays the saxophone.


Daniel is a passionate programmer. Loves to learn about how things work and is interested in machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. 

Being exposed to various different software products is one of the exciting things for Daniel at the Center, as well as learning what it takes to build a useful product for corporations.

OJ Surdam
Olivia (OJ) Surdam

Bennington, VT
BS Business Admin/ISBA

Fun Fact - there hasn’t been a knot that OJ hasn't been unable to undo!


OJ is a Paul Scholar and a TRIO scholar on campus, and also the Secretary of the American Sign Language Club. She loves to read thriller novels, go on hikes, and meditate.

In 5 years, OJ  would like to work in the manufacturing industry, ideally in corporate finance.

Ashley L
Ashley Lescarbeau

Derry, NH
BS Analytics and Data Science

Fun fact - Ashley has worked at Dunkin’ for four years.


Ashley is an Analytics student getting a minor in Business Administration, and she is interested in learning more about the industry and where she fits in. She is interested in technology companies as well as any new and uprising businesses that may need any help.

In the next 5 years, she hopes to be working in the field for a company somewhere in the city of Boston.


Jason Lee
Jason Lee

Middleton, MA

BS Analytical Economics

Fun fact - Jason likes to workout and his favorite movie is The Departed!


Jason is a junior working towards a BA in analytical economics. He gained hands-on financial modeling experience at Copyright Clearance Center. He has a strong interest in understanding how and why businesses make decisions based on economic factors.

In 5 years, he wants to have achieved his master's degree in either Analytical Economics or Finance and work at a prestigious firm.

Heather L
Heather Linscott

Hingham, MA

BS Mathematics

Fun fact - Heather loves running and competing in road races around her community!


Heather enjoys using mathematics to make predictions and solve problems. She is excited to gain business analytics experience to complement her quantitative background. She is also passionate about rehumanizing mathematics and supporting those who face adversity entering STEM fields.

In 5 years Heather would love to have a data analyst role, and tutor children in mathematics part-time.

Sree Sabbani
Sree Vikas Sabbani

MS Business Analytics

Godavarikhani, India

Fun fact - 


Sree is built upon a sturdy base in analytics. Proficient in Python, R and Java. He leverages these skills to extract valuable insights from data and drive informed decision-making. With hands-on experience in MongoDB and SQL, he is adept at managing and querying databases to unearth actionable insights.

Committed to translating complex data into actionable strategies that fuel business growth.

Kajal R
Kajal Rani

MS Business Analytics

Kichha, India

Fun fact - Kajal always can find happiness in little things.


Kajal is committed to developing a deep understanding of business processes, data analysis techniques, and communication skills. She loves solving complex problems and is excited to contribute analytical skills to help organizations make strategic decisions. 

In 5 years she wants to start her own company.

Adam Messina
Adam Messina

MS Business Analytics

Windham, NH

Fun Fact - Adam worked in the food and beverage industry for 5 years.


Adam is  passionate about data science and its application to enhancing business decisions. He have had multiple internships in Finance and Supply Chain and used tools such as Excel, Power BI, SQL, R, and Python to clean and analyze data. 

In 5 years, Adam wants to be working as a Data Analyst/Scientist in Colorado or somewhere else out west.


Previous Interns

  • Heather Linscott, BS Mathematics
  • Nick French, BA Computer Science
  • Meghana Akshitha Ponnapalli, MS Business Analytics'G23
  • Julianna Farnam, BA Marketing'22G 
  • Pegah Karimi, MS Business Analytics'23G 
  • Andrew Charles Meyer, MS Analytical Economics '23G 
  • Sree Vishwas Sabbani, MS Business Analytics '23G 
  • Syed Abu Sadat Siyam, MS Finance '23G 
  • Sri Ramya Mungamuru, MS Finance '23G
  • Kara Cardinal, BA Economics '23G
  • Ali Mara, PhD Economics 
  • Riley Burns, MBA Finance Specialization '22G
  • Cynthia Liu, MBA Marketing Specialization '22G
  • Thomas O'Shea, BS Applied Math: Economics
  • Kat Hand, MBA '22G
  • Hayley McDermott, MBA Marketing Specialization '22G
  • Olivia Rios, MBA '22G

Administrative Support

  • Carley Markward