Finance Mentors

Welcome Mentor! The Peter T. Paul College Financial Policy Center, Finance & Accounting Department Faculty and Paul College Career and Professional Success appreciate you taking the time to mentor one of our students.

Meetings & Logistics

Twice a year we encourage you to meet with your assigned student mentee.

Meetings may take place at a restaurant, your office or via Skype. For restaurant meetings, Paul College will reimburse your meal expenses.

For meal reimbursement or general questions, e-mail Gail Dixon McMahon.

Encouraged and Suggested Activities

  • Arrange for follow-up contact (meals, phone calls, emails, etc.)
  • Office visit
  • Job shadowing
  • General career advice and support
  • Connecting mentee to others in network

Talking Points

When meeting with students, please consider the following topics and points of discussion:

  • Share your career path and how you got to where you are today
  • Advice on finding meaningful internships (juniors) and full-time positions (seniors)
  • Discuss what a ‘typical’ day looks like in your position
  • Identify challenges in your field and future prospects
  • Ask your student mentee to talk about his/her academic and work experiences
  • Provide opportunities for student mentee to pose questions and offer constructive feedback when appropriate
  • Give the student mentee the opportunity to see ‘work in action’ and be introduced to your colleagues

Student Responsibilities

Students are encouraged to be prepared with meaningful questions and be ‘prepped and polished’ to attend a business meeting and meals.

After meetings, your student mentee is responsible to document your meetings and reflect on what was discussed.

Once selected to be in the Financial Partners Program, students sign a contract agreeing to the responsibilities associated with participating in the program.

Peter T. Paul College Financial Policy Center directors Mihail Miletkov and Wenjuan Xie will oversee student involvement and activity alongside Finance and Accounting Department Co-Chair Steve Ciccone.



Email Gail Dixon McMahon with Paul College Career and Professional Services with any questions you may have.