CEO Peer Groups

About The CEO Peer Groups

The CEO Peer Groups consists of 10-12 dedicated executives drawn from the ranks of CEOs, presidents, and business unit managers of non-competing businesses. 

  • The CEO Peer Groups meet monthly for a half day (10 times per year) for the purpose of sharing, learning and helping each other.
  • Members of The CEO Peer Groups come from diverse businesses—family-owned, private and public—and various industries of varying sizes and scope.
  • Group members are chosen to complement each other in order to work well together.
  • Only non-competitive businesses will be brought into each peer group.

Each group serves as an informal "advisory board" to its members, giving all members an opportunity to receive feedback on ideas and issues important to them

 CEO Peer Group Annual Tuition:
$2,495/year for current members 
$2,995/year for not-yet members

  Agenda and topics are decided by the members.


  • Each CEO Peer Group is lightly led by a high-level executive specifically chosen for their business acumen and broad experience.
  • The facilitator leads the group in determining beneficial and global issues as well as guides the group in discussions, bringing their own real-world experience as applicable and appropriate.
  • The facilitator will work with The CEO & Family Enterprise Center team in identifying constructive and interesting speakers and subject matter experts, as needed.

Member Principles:

CEO Peer Group members agree to:

  • active and open participation, including business operations, case studies, challenges and acquired leadership tactics.
  • total confidentiality, and non-competitive nature and operations.
  • willingness to give, and take, feedback on all ideas and issues.
  • host at least one meeting, supplying meeting place and refreshments.
  • a commitment to strive for 80% attendance.
  • recognize and adhere to the fact that this is not a leads-generating networking group.

For more information, contact:
Michelline Dufort
(603) 862-1107