About The Center

The CEO & Family Enterprise Center (The Center) offers learning and engagement opportunities through four unique membership-based programs to help New Hampshire, Maine, and northern Massachusetts-based business owners/leaders and their organizations. Our goal is to help you be a confident and supported business leader, regardless of your organization's industry, scope, or size. 

The Center specializes in helping family-owned businesses; it's why we were founded and remains core to our mission. The Family Business Program is devoted exclusively to family owned and operated business owners, leaders, and their organization.

Through three decades we've expanded our offerings to include three additional membership programs that are open to all New Hampshire, Maine, and northern Massachusetts-based businesses, not just family-owned. Many of our members join more than one program based on their businees goals, needs, and interests. 

To learn more about each program's focus, program schedule, annual membership fee, and sponsorship opportunities, visit the program pages via the links below:

Family Business Program

The CEO SpeakerS Series program

CEO Peer Groups program

Emerging Leaders program


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