Family Business Award Criteria

Award Criteria

Below is the criteria we use when selecting Family Business Program members for these honors. 
Family Business Of The Year Award
  1.  Business Success
    The company continues to stand the test of time as evidenced by overall growth in revenues, employees, and profits.

  2.  Family Business Linkage

    The business emphasis and company brand centers primarily on the family, as demonstrated in terms of company values, leadership, finances, and management. There is clear evidence the business looks to its family origins as a strategy for both strengthening the family, and for maximizing the potential of its members.

  3. Multi-generation Family Business Involvement
    The family ownership, management, operations and/or control has successfully spanned at least two generations.
  4. Contributions To Community and Industry  
    The family business has provided leadership, service, and/or financial support to industry associations, charitable causes, and community groups.
  5. Innovative Business Practices Or Strategy
    Over time, the family has developed innovative business strategies and practices that have led to growth, longevity and appropriate re-creation.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This individual:  

  1. Devotes/devoted much of their career to the family business and is actively involved in its ownership and management.
  2. Demonstrates/demonstrated a strong desire and commitment to keeping the business in the family.
  3. Mentors/mentored the next generation, and provides/provided access to leadership training and additional mentorship opportunities.
  4. Works/worked to achieve a tranquil transfer of ownership and leadership to the next generation.
  5. Participates/participated in and supports/supported The CEO & Family Enterprise Center and its programs.
  6. Willingly assists/assisted other family-owned businesses in their business transition process.
  7. Makes/has made meaningful contributions to the community and industry.