Working Papers

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  • “Is the Glass Half Full, Half Empty or Both? TMT Optimism Diversity and New Product Introduction" (with Wan-Chien Lien, Jianhong Chen, Michael Kukenberger, Ho Kwong Kwan, and Jeffrey Sohl).
  • “Broaching unfamiliar territory: Angel investor long-term orientation and portfolio industry diversification” (with Wan-Chien Lien, Jianhong Chen, and Jeffrey Sohl).
  • "The Yin and Yang in the angel market: Angel group gender diversity and investment performance" (with Wan-Chen Lien, Jianhong Chen, and Jeffrey Sohl).
  • “Industry Choices of Angel Investors: The Influence of Time Horizons and Personal Wealth” (with Wan-Chien Lien, Jianhong Chen, Jeffrey Sohl, and Danny Miller).