CFB Membership

Members of the Center for Family Enterprise (CFE) are family businesses—large and small—ranging from first generation to seventh, representing all sectors of the economy, from New Hampshire, Maine, and Northern Massachusetts. Given our unique focus on family business dynamics, members will receive experiences here that they will not find anywhere else.

Membership Benefits:

Benefits are available to all family and key non-family employees of member companies and professional service members. Yearly membership benefits include:

  • Unlimited participation among family members and key non-family employees in all annual programs and events. All programs tailored to the specific interests of our members so that we meet the needs of each experience level, generation and family and business dynamic.
  • Ample networking and introduction opportunities with fellow CFE members allowing for opportunities to share your success and challenges and receive peer to peer advice and support in mutually beneficial relationship building.
  • Introduction and access to top of the line family business experts, consultants and resources in all areas of interests particular to family businesses.
  • Access to growing network of CEO Peer Group which is a lightly facilitated member-driven agenda monthly meetings with deep dives into shared business challenges and opportunities.
  • Bi-weekly aggregate e-newsletter with offerings, events, and news of interest to family businesses. Opportunity for member companies to use the e-newsletter in their own public relations efforts.
  • Direct and priority connection to business advising and coaching by Small Business Development Center professional advisors at no charge. 
  • Invitation to Leadership Development Program which focuses on creating leaders and highly functioning leadership through a seven month certificate program, with a discounted rate.
  • Priority access to UNH and Paul College business engagement event throughout campus.
  • Priority access to UNH students for employment, internships, special projects and exclusive recruiting events via the Center’s relationship with Paul College Career Services.
  • Invitation to the CFE Annual Awards Dinner each year.
  • Invitation to annual brainstorming session towards building programming. 
  • 10% discount on UNH Executive Development Programs.
  • 10% discount at UNH Manchester MBA Program.
  • Members discount on yearly subscription to Family Business Magazine.
  • Open invitation for on-site visits among the membership, and we provide company tour coordination upon request.

Annual Membership Fee

The annual membership fee per participating company is $1,250.

Introductory opportunity

Prospective members may try a single program per calendar year at a per-program fee. You may pay for a trial program online, or contact us for more information. 

What members like best about the CFE:

  • Networking with other family business owners; creating a foundation of support that can last for generations.
  • Realizing that the challenges we face in running a family business are something that all members share. You are not alone.
  • The variety of educational programs and learning from experts and members.
  • Gaining insights, new perspectives, and unique solutions from other business owners.
  • Dealing with succession and management issues. It compels discussion of matters that would otherwise be left unsaid.
  • Getting relevant and valuable advice on how to foster and continue company growth and success.
  • Sharing experiences, gaining feedback, and learning from others and being part of a larger whole.

For More Information

If you would like more information about the Center for Family Enterprise (CFE) and its programs, please contact the office at (603) 862-1107, or email

 The Center for Family Enterprise is made possible by member support as well as that of our corporate sponsors