May 21, 2019
Manchester Country Club
Bedford, NH 

Each year, the Center for Family Enterprise recognizes companies and individuals for their leadership and excellence. These awards are presented at the CFE's annual dinner, which provides an opportunity for members to celebrate their accomplishments and to get to know each other. In addition to the dinner and celebration, each year there is a keynote speaker who offers insights on the role, importance, challenges, and successes of family businesses.

The Center presents the Family Business of the Year Award each year to an outstanding multi-generation family-owned business. Lifetime Achievement Awards are given to outstanding members of the senior generation for their commitment to family business success and their contributions to the successful, harmonious transfer of businesses to the next generation. The Transformation Award is given to a company that has recently undergone a sweeping transformation. Whether it be a successful ownership transfer or a pivot in business strategy, the company has survived the change and is stronger for it. 

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