Dining Experience


Fall 2020 Gourmet Dinner Community Harvest

Gourmet Dining Series Fall 2021

UNH Hospitality Program

This year will be very different from last year – and we are extremely happy about that!

We are able to accommodate 100 people on both nights and will be providing a full-service dining experience. (No curbside pickup this year.)

The evening of Friday, November 5th will be in honor of Dean Merrill-Sands and limited to the UNH community. The evening of Saturday, November 6th will be open to the public.

10 Garrison Avenue
Durham, NH 03824

The Advanced Food & Beverage Class dining series.
Watch this short video to see and hear what our dining series experiences are all about.

During the academic year, Advanced Food and Beverage students majoring in Hospitality Management delight the University community and beyond with dining experience. The "Dinner" series is an opportunity for students to apply fundamentals learned through classes in the Hospitality Management Program, and give the students real-world, hands-on experience. Students are responsible, with instructional guidance from faculty, for all aspects of the event: planning and preparing the menu, selling and marketing the event, managing finances, and creating an enjoyable night for all who attend.


Dinner will be served from 5:45 - 8 PM

Reminder: Make sure when buying your ticket to leave a comment if you are purchasing multiple tickets and want seats at the same table.

The cost per ticket is $55.

Through the help of all generous sponsors, we are able to present a successful event to showcase our passion for the hospitality industry. Given the stability from such kind donors, we have the ability to turn the skills that have been acquired through our time in the Hospitality Management Program at the University of New Hampshire into a tangible event for everyone to enjoy. If you choose to extend a hand, financially, the team will graciously add your company, or personal, name to our advertised list of sponsors and put it toward enhancing the education of our students. If you graciously choose to sponsor our event, please follow the “BUY TICKET” tab above and follow the link to purchase a ticket. Once registered, follow the “Sponsorship Only” tab to complete the donation.

Once the sponsorship has been completed, it would be our pleasure to feature a logo, personal or company title on a poster at the dinner for all guests to see. Please reach out to our team with any questions. Again, we truly appreciate all the continued support, and we sincerely thank you!

Any further questions or concerns, please contact Theresa Cherouvis at Theresa.Cherouvis@unh.edu

FALL 2021

Greetings from the UNH Hospitality Management Advanced Food and Beverage Class!

The Fundamentals:

  • Purchases are not refundable.
  • The dinners will be held rain, shine or snow.
  • Alternative meals, due to food allergies or vegetarian diets, are available for the event. While we certainly respect dietary choices, we're unable to create additional menus for those with likes and dislikes.
  • Full-service dining experience
  • Our green mission: food scraps are composted through UNH dining, and we strive to buy local when feasible and available. We do recycle.

What to Wear:

Suitable attire for the Dinner Series held on campus at Paul College - at a minimum, business casual for men and women is highly recommended. Outerwear and umbrellas will be collected at the welcome table to help the evening feel more intimate and comfortable.

Cancelations & Ticket Transfers

Refunds are NOT available. However, if there is availability you are able to switch your ticket for a different night if there are conflicts with your original purchase

Dining Events

Your evening begins at 5:00 p.m. with a cocktail hour including beer, wine, and spirits available for purchase. Our first seating will be at 5:45 and the last seating at 6:45. Enjoy eating amazing food and unwind, all the while helping to support UNH hospitality students!

The price of the prix fixe menus does not include beer and wine, but non-alcoholic beverages are included at no cost.


Covid Restrictions/Guidelines

What are we doing to stay safe?

As of right now, we do not have any covid restrictions besides mask wearing and sanitizing. We hope this does not change before the event. We will however take further precautions to keep everyone safe in the instance there is a large spike on campus.

  • Back of house is required to wear masks while handling food. Staff must wash and sanitize hands often.
  • Front of house staff will be wearing masks as well. Staff must wash and sanitize hands often.
  • Tables, chairs, doorknobs, railings, etc. will be sanitized at the beginning and end of the event to ensure it's clean for the next day.
  • Any guest that is walking around must wear a mask, but while seated at your table they are not required.

Check out our Instagram @unhgourmetdinner2021 for the most up to date information on our event!

The dinner will take place at UNH Paul College in The Great Hall. The main entrance will be the front of the building that enters onto the 1st floor.

For more information about the Dinner Series, please contact:

Theresa Cherouvis
Senior Program Support Assistant

Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
Department of Hospitality Management
(603) 862-3303