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Student Clubs and Organizations

Accounting Students Association - The Accounting Students' Association (ASA) is an academic student organization that facilitates the exchange of information about the accounting profession and provides opportunities for networking with industry professionals. Student Contact: James Donaghey

Alpha Kappa Psi - Alpha Kappa Psi is the premier developer of principled business leaders in the university community. AKPsi is a coed professional fraternity focused of networking and growing together as business professionals. Find us on FacebookStudent Contact: Brian Dezurick

Atkins Investment Group - The Atkins Investment Group is a completely student-managed investment fund at the University of New Hampshire’s Paul College of Business & Economics, overseeing approximately $200,000 in long-equity positions. Student Contacts: Jeremy Dorrell, President; John Evans, Portfolio Manager

Club Managers Association - Club Managers Association of America, UNH student chapter, brings students together to network with club managers throughout the country, increase knowledge of private clubs by touring local clubs and bringing in club managers to speak with students. Student Contact: Cassandra Hall

Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals - HFTP of UNH provides students studying for hospitality-related business careers with networking opportunities, scholarships, access to guest speakers with direct knowledge of the business world, and opportunities for community service. Student Contact: unhhftp2017@gmail.com

Information Systems Management Association - This organization provides resources for networking among current students and alumni, learning experiences outside of the classroom and other opportunities for professional development. Contact: unhisma@gmail.com

Marketing and Advertising Club - The UNH Marketing and Advertising Club (MAC) enables members to obtain hands-on learning experience through innovative and ongoing projects that challenge them in groups that are representative of the professional world. Find us on FacebookStudent Contacts: Grace Lynn and Charles White

Net Impact UNH - Net Impact UNH is a chapter of Net Impact, a community of over 60,000 student and professional leaders who use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. Find us on FacebookStudent Contact: Jacob Gehrung

Professional Convention Management Association - PCMA aims to deliver superior and innovative education and to promote the value of professional convention management through hands-on and networking approaches for UNH student members. Student Contacts: Dianna Colontonio or unhpcma@gmail.com

Rines Student Angel Investment Fund - Students actively manage the Rines Student Angel Investment Fund, a donor-created fund which focuses on investments in private equity and angel investments in entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups. During weekly meetings students present due diligence completed on potential investment opportunities. Final due diligence reports are presented to the investment committee of the Fund. Students attend regional angel group meetings for company presentations for investment opportunities. An officer corps is responsible for structuring and coordinating the group. Note: There is a competitive application process for this group. Credit is awarded. Student Contacts: Zachary Dresser or https://www.unhangels.com/contact/

SIGNAL: Students Interested in Growth, Networking and Leadership - SIGNAL provides business students at the University of New Hampshire the opportunity to learn about leadership within organizations, to begin building professional networks, and to learn various business and professional skills not generally addressed within the classroom. Student Contact: signal.unh@gmail.com

Trash 2 Treasure – Trash 2 Treasure’s mission is to assist students and universities in reducing waste on college campuses. T2T works to avoid unnecessary trash, created at move-out weekend, from entering landfills. Consequently, Trash 2 Treasure significantly reduces trash removal costs for the University and provides families back-to-school savings at move-in weekend yard sales. The success of this social enterprise is achieved through strong student leadership and passionate, active volunteers who value accountability, respect, teamwork, and the promotion of sustainability. T2T’s achievement is evaluated on the scope and positivity of its impact on the UNH community. Student Contact: unht2t@gmail.com

UNH Entrepreneurship Club (UNH ICE) - The UNH Entrepreneurship Club aka UNH ICE is a club with the goal of bringing the UNH community together around innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Through guest speaker presentations, competitions, and conferences, UNH ICE welcomes UNH students & faculty and local community members to gain exposure to the entrepreneurship world and entrepreneurial concepts. Find us on FacebookStudent Contact: Arsalan A. Khan

UNH Hospitality Sales and Marketing Club - HSMO is a organization for students who want to gain experience in establishing and expanding their skills and knowledge of sales and marketing within the hospitality industry. Student Contact: Brent Rabinowitz

UNH Sales Club - This organization provides students at the University of New Hampshire the opportunity to further explore potential careers in sales and to network with fellow undergraduates and alumni. Find us on Facebook.Student Contact: Tyalar Pitta or Chris West

UNH Women in Business - UNH Women in Business (WIB) provides undergraduate women with a positive environment to prepare for their careers while connecting with one another. Activities include professional development workshops, networking events, and community service projects. Find us on FacebookStudent Contact: unhwib@gmail.com