Hospitality Management Spotlight

Franchisees share how they pulled together the cash to open their own franchise.
Then we run it all by E. Hachemi Aliouche, a professor and director at the University of New Hampshire’s Rosenberg International Franchise Center, who breaks down the pros and cons for any potential franchisee. Image credit: Max-O-Matic
From Paul College to Australia, Heather Price ’18 makes the most of her UNH experience
“UNH ticked all the boxes.” Ask Heather Price ’18, a hospitality management major at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, what brought her to UNH, and that is her reaction.
Can fresh local food be offered at Wentworth-Douglass?
Undergraduate Research Conference poster presentations in the Paul College great hall The once trendy, now common expression for eating fresh and healthy food is farm-to-table. But there’s nothing that says that table has to be in someone’s house or a restaurant. That thought occurred to Molly...
The Hospitality Management Program has a goal of educating students who will become stronger and more engaged hospitality industry professionals with the potential to be highly competitive in the global business arena.
During the academic year, Advanced Food and Beverage students majoring in Hospitality Management delight the community with their "Dinner and Brunch series". It's an opportunity for students to apply fundamentals learned through classes in the Hospitality Management Program.
The Hospitality Management Department offers an accredited Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management designed to provide study in a core of business foundation and professional hospitality management courses, and a choice of interdisciplinary elective emphases.