Business Administration Major: Information Systems and Business Analytics Option (B.S.) Spotlight

Information Systems and Business Analytics + Finance Major | Millstone, NJ
"It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you, as long as you’re happy and doing what’s best for yourself. The last four years have made me more confident and carefree than I've ever been."
Finance + Information Systems and Business Analytics Double Major | Deerfield, NH
"People always say this but: Paul College has so many opportunities. The people here set you up for success."
Information Systems and Business Analytics Major | Dover, NH
"It took me a long time to be okay with this but: it's okay to not know what you want to do. It's more important to say yes to things that you're not sure about."
Marketing Intern for
Derek Bobbitt ‘24, a Finance and Information Systems & Business Analytics double major, is spending his summer in Boston, MA working as a Marketing Intern for
Information Systems and Business Analytics and Justice Studies Double Major
Maria Koch '22 is from Brentwood, NH and pursuing a dual major in Information Systems and Business Analytics and Justice Studies. She's a member of the UNH student senate, the Women in Business...
Finance and Information Systems and Business Analytics Double Major
Bob Horgan '22 is from Atkinson, NH and majoring in Finance and Information Systems and Business Analytics. At UNH he is a  FIRE peer advisor, part of the...
Tyler Cornellier '17, B.S. Business Administration, Quantitative Finance and Business Analytics
Tyler Cornellier put his education to work right away, landing a job at Silicon Valley Bank in San Francisco. Hired as a analyst, he was promoted two years later to a senior...
The winning student team at last week’s UNH DataJam with Liberty Mutual wants to make your insurance experience much like your academic one — complete with meetings with a personal advisor. Business administration students Serina Brenner '17, Colin Rose '18, Erin Frost '18 and Jenna Bachrach '18...
Khole Gwebu and Jing Wang help businesses navigate cybersecurity
Recent studies show that reports of data security breach incidents have skyrocketed from 774 in 2007 to 1,474 in 2015. High-profile examples of such breaches include T.J. Maxx’s breach of 45.6 million customer credit cards in 2007, Sony’s loss of 70 million records in 2011 and Yahoo’s breathtaking...
UNH alumni return to campus to mentor students in DataJam
Hallory Haley ’06 ’16G loved working with students at her alma mater as part of her job as manager of Liberty Mutual’s campus recruiting team. So when the idea was pitched for Liberty Mutual to host a data jam at UNH in the fall of 2015, Haley was excited to help plan it.