Management Spotlight

Holloway Competition winning team aims to make dating safer
Modern dating just might be safer now that the inventors of VELV have taken home the top prize in the 31st annual Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation to Market Competition. VELV, the team consisting of Christin...
In today’s dynamic knowledge economy, teams are replacing hierarchies and shared leadership is emerging as the key driver in many teams’ success
“Our work has provided evidence that when teams are functionally diverse they tend to share more leadership,” he says. “However, these findings depend on teams having a highly cooperative environment in order to realize the benefits of different perspectives.”
Business has stalled in dealing with sexual harassment and Griffith wants to know why
The crux of her study’s conclusions is that businesses can learn a lot from the sexual assault and harassment prevention programs that universities have implemented for student populations.
The B Impact Clinic
Company leaders who want to address their social and environmental impact can receive help from University of New Hampshire students through a new partnership between the college and New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility.
Practice “real world” skills building a business case for a new product or service
Do you have an idea for a new business or innovative solution to a pressing problem?  If so, the Holloway Competition is your chance to transform this idea into reality with the expert guidance of faculty mentors and members of the business community. Beyond this incredible opportunity for learning...
Marketing and Management Dual Major
Media has always played a huge role in my life, I’ve always been an informed person, and I’m fascinated by how widely available information is to everybody. But with that comes responsibility. And after my internship this summer, I have a much deeper appreciation for how important the media’s role...
When it comes to CEOs, time really is of the essence
A CEO not only sets the tone of an organization but also the “pace,” a work style with far-reaching implications for corporate success. So demonstrates Paul College’s Jianhong Chen, assistant professor of strategic management, in her influential study of “urgency and pacing” or “temporal...
YouScheduler takes top prize at 30th annual Holloway Competition
We hope YouScheduler team members Kristian Comer ’20 and Francesco Mikulis-Borsoi ’20 have scheduled some time to celebrate now that they have won the 30th annual Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation to Market Competition and a $10,000 top prize. The sophomore duo developed a class scheduling solution...