Nontraditional student reaches goal
Sokhna Aw ‘18 ‘19G always dreamed of going to college in America. Now, 19 years after she first arrived, the Senegal native has realized the rewards of that goal for the third time. A graduate of the Peter Paul College of Business and Economics, Aw spend three years...
“There are some valuable lessons to learn,” said Jennifer Griffith, an assistant professor of organizational behavior and management. “First, the more effective training used on college campuses is more immersive and takes place over several weeks or even months. Second, there is more commitment to...
WalletHub on low interest credit cards
Does it ever make sense to get a credit card with a low regular APR? (vs. a 0% credit card or paying in full)
2019 grads receive Fulbright awards
Three recent UNH graduates who have received Fulbright English teaching assistantships will spend nine months abroad working in classrooms alongside local teachers and serving as cultural ambassadors for the United States. Amada Guapisaca ‘19, a dual major in i...
Meet UNH's 2019 Truman Scholar
Nooran Alhamdan '20, an analytical economics and political science major, has won a 2019 Truman Scholarship. "It means so much to me, and it means so much to my family and our story. I'm a third-generation Palestinian refugee, and I definitely...
Holloway Competition winning team aims to make dating safer
Modern dating just might be safer now that the inventors of VELV have taken home the top prize in the 31st annual Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation to Market Competition. VELV, the team consisting of Christin...
Devin McMahon '19 pursues a future in advertising
When she was in her first-year student, Devin McMahon ’19 couldn’t imagine getting opportunities like traveling across the country or presenting a business plan. Now, as she pursues a future in the advertising industry, she’s happy she pursued each challenge head-on.
Up 34 spots from 2018: U.S. News & World Report
U.S. News & World Report has ranked UNH’s online MBA program #51 in the nation. Run by the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, the program climbed 34 spots from last year. This is the third year in a row UNH’s online MBA has been ranked among the top...
Paul College researcher uncovers surprising impacts of user-generated content
New to Paul College, assistant professor of decision sciences Ermira Zifla has already added a novel dimension to understanding the influences, dynamics and consequences of individual user behavior in online social settings: humor.
Paul College professor helps to solve the problem of designing a unified flight system
Says Matoglu, “While most problems in the literature deal with a flight schedule of 1,000 – 2,000 legs or fewer, we solve one consisting of approximately 27,000 flights, two aircraft families and more than 100 aircrafts and airports. Our methodology helps address a very large scale and difficult...
In today’s dynamic knowledge economy, teams are replacing hierarchies and shared leadership is emerging as the key driver in many teams’ success
“Our work has provided evidence that when teams are functionally diverse they tend to share more leadership,” he says. “However, these findings depend on teams having a highly cooperative environment in order to realize the benefits of different perspectives.”
International lens on board structure reveals dynamics beyond director independence
He and his coauthors looked at what happened when U.S. company boards included “island directors”, i.e., people who also sit on the boards of off-shore companies, and found these U.S. companies engaged in significantly higher levels of tax avoidance.