Professional Development & Leadership Training

Through the sales academic curriculum, participation in the UNH Sales Club, and engagement in the UNH Sales Competition students have the opportunity to experience a simulated corporate sales environment. They are trained to become competent in the consultative selling model, principled negotiations, public speaking, and professional etiquette. Furthermore, we train for leadership based on the four "Cs":  Courage, Competence, Confidence, and Character. We believe that the only way to sell and conduct business is with integrity and we accept nothing less with our students. In addition, we carefully select "role models" and "mentors" in industry that exhibit exemplary character qualities and invite them to speak and interact with students.

You Make a Difference

This program is unique and is life changing. The quality of training, mentoring, and coaching students get is on par with world-class corporate sales and leadership training. We would like your investment and your involvement to shape these students for success.