Sales Center of Excellence

About Us

The Sales Center of Excellence is the conduit for the business community to find professionally trained, polished, and qualified candidates who wish to pursue a career in sales leadership. The power of this program is the partnerships we have formed to bring field experience into the classroom enabling executives to contribute to the professional development of students before recruitment.   This innovative program combines the disciplines of our undergraduate business curriculum with marketing, sales, etiquette and leadership to groom students for a professional selling career. The Peter T. Paul College has appointed, Catherine Blake, as director. Ms. Blake is an executive level industry professional with a background in enterprise sales, sales training, and professional development to develop and grow this program to a national level.

Funded by grants and investment from the business community, our intent is to imbue our students with leadership, drive, and sales excellence making them the most highly sought after job candidates in America for Fortune 500 companies. By 2020, we intend to train 100 qualified candidates per annum, ready to hit the ground running. Our Sales Club and Sales Competition provide opportunities for students to extend their academic experience beyond the classroom and experience mock presentations, negotiations, and strategy with business executives. As the program grows, we aim to become the force in New England for a regional undergraduate sales competition against competing schools for cash prizes.

We invite you to get involved!