Business Administration Major: Supply Chain Management Option (B.S.)

Business Administration Major: Supply Chain Management Option (B.S.)
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Program Launches Fall 2024

If you are interested in using analytics and sustainable strategies to optimize the flow of goods and services in global markets, then the supply chain management option in the B.S. Business Administration major may be right for you. This option will prepare you for careers in a wide range of industries by helping you master the fundamentals of supply chain management, enabling you to provide innovative, value-added solutions to real business problems.


Supply chain management is all about planning and coordinating the movement of goods and services from the source to the customer. It involves analyzing data, designing strategies, and managing operations. By choosing this option you will learn how to create and run supply chains that are not only efficient and profitable, but also ethical and sustainable. You will develop the sills and knowledge to succeed in this dynamic and rewarding field. 


In the the business administration supply chain management major at UNH you will get a strong foundation in business and economics along with in-demand industry specific knowledge and experience. Learn from a faculty that has extensive industry experience, as well as active research projects. You can pair this option with other Paul College options for more opportunities and greater flexibility in the job market. Speaking of jobs, potential employers that are part of our industry advisory board include WinWaste Innovations, Welch's, New Balance, Nike, Takeda, Johnson & Johns, Gartner, BAE Sysems, Stonyfield/Lactalis, TJX, Raytheon, Lindt & Sprungli, Lonza, and more. If graduate school is part of your plan, UNH Paul offers an accelerated MS Business Analytics degree you can start while you are an undergraduate, as accelerated master's degree programs in finance, accounting, and economics, and an MBA.

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SCM Coordinator
Senior Lecturer, Decision Sciences


Option Supply Chain Management

Three Required Courses

SC680 Global Supply Chain Management
SC671 Supply Chain Analytics
SC775 SCM Project Experience

Two Elective Courses (One from each discipline)


ACC623 Advanced Managerial Accounting
ACC620 Accounting Analytics (Topics)
DS673 Database Management
DS772Predictive Analytics and Modeling
ECON652 Economics of Artificial Intelligence
FIN 703 International Financial Management
MKTG763 Marketing Analytics


DS774 E-Business
MGT666 Revelations for Negotiating in Your Favor
MKTG764 New Product Development