Getting the Right Eyeballs

Decision sciences professor Ali Hojjat knows how to optimize online ads
Associate professor of decision sciences Ali Hojjat studies online advertising and optimization

Ever noticed those ads that pop up or fill in the banners and borders of the web pages you visit? Advertisers, it goes without saying, are hoping you do.

Internet ads may be annoying but they’re an inescapable part of everyday life online. They also comprise a $72 billion industry that reaches many millions of people each day. At any given moment, thousands of brands are running online campaigns seeking to engage us. The big online publishers drawing these eyeballs together—Yahoo, Facebook, Google, etc.—must satisfy advertisers that they are delivering a desirable number of impressions to a carefully defined demographic.

If advertisers could find a way to improve the efficiency of ad delivery by even 1 percent, they could generate millions in additional revenue. Enter Ali Hojjat’s algorithm.