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May 11, 2016

1:00 - 4:30 PM - Presentations

4:30 PM - Reception

5:00 PM - Holloway Entrepreneur of the Year Award

5:30 PM - Student Awards

1:00 NH DreamTech

Cassidy Croci, PAUL 
Brianna Leclerc, PAUL
Allison Wood, CEPS
Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Sohl, Ph.D.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are currently 7 million Americans who are exposed to carcinogenic compounds in drinking water, known as trihalomethanes (THMs). NH DreamTech’s product, H2Air, is an in-line diffused aeration system which removes THMs from drinking water distribution systems. THMs are carcinogenic compounds which form as a byproduct of chlorine disinfection, a standard practice in drinking water treatment across the United States. These compounds are regulated by the EPA who recently passed an updated regulation that changed the monitoring and compliance from system wide to each site in the system. Now, instead of only being required to meet an average across the entirety of the drinking water system, the water at any point in the network must meet the regulated levels. The H2Air system is placed directly into the existing drinking water treatment pipeline with minimal additional infrastructure, making it less expensive for municipalities to adopt than current solutions. H2Air can be placed at any point in the drinking water distribution network, allowing municipalities to more easily treat problem areas rather than the network as a whole.

1:30 Atmsphr

Martha Dempsey, PAUL
Mikayla Fritsch, PAUL
Faculty Advisor: Dan Innis, Ph.D.

Atmsphr transforms the home ceiling fan into a sensual spalike experience. Atmsphr is unlike any fan seen on the market today, with its sleek and innovative design that incorporates elements of aromatherapy (scent therapy) and chromotherapy (color therapy). The product features include: ● Three-blade fan for air-circulation ● Bluetooth speakers ● Aromatherapy mist diffuser ● Sleep sound machine (10 sounds) ● Colored LED lights (5 colors) ● Remote control to customize and control all fan features. Currently, there is no competing product that combines all of these elements in a single product. 

2:00 LilyPad

Kathryn Aiken, PAUL
Devin McMahon, PAUL Faculty Advisor: Neil
Niman, Ph.D.

Many women live with the discomfort of an unsatisfactory menstrual product. Leakage is common, absorbency is lacking, and psychological distress regarding reliability is a chronic burden. Despite menstrual pads making up 86% of the world’s sanitary protection market ($16.6 billion), no single product provides a comprehensive solution to these needs. LilyPad gives women a product to be confident in. Our pad uses a raised strip to direct liquid discharge into the middle of the pad where it is most absorbent. In doing this, LilyPad effectively eliminates the possibility of outlying flow along body curvatures, and expands the formerly inadequate design of a pad to fit a woman’s body. LilyPad’s design conforms to a woman’s body during sedentary sleep and would be an innovation of the overnight pad. Redesigning the pad will help ease menstrual-related anxiety, help preserve clothing and linens, and give women a product to be confident in after 85 years of an inadequate design. Through the implementation of a vertically placed absorbent strip on a generally accepted sanitary napkin, LilyPad serves as the unfailing solution to the menstrual needs of women.

2:30 Break

3:00 BeetleBoards

Lyndsay Levin, PAUL
Erica Warish, PAUL
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Earle, Ph.D.

BeetleBoards™ is a unique start-up snowboarding company that produces one of a kind snowboards using beetle kill wood. The founding duo consists of two passionate snowboarders, who have witnessed the devastating effects of the mountain pine beetle first-hand. BeetleBoards is committed to sustainability without compromising quality. Through the utilization of beetle kill wood, BeetleBoards makes use of otherwise condemned material in the construction of its snowboards. Beetle kill wood is the result of the mountain pine beetle, which is responsible for millions of acres of deforestation in the western region of North America. The mountain pine beetles’ infestation in lodgepole pine trees ultimately kills the tree, leaving behind a fungus that creates beautiful distinct blue patterns embedded within the wood.

3:30 EnterPlayment Risk Services

Dante Broadbent, CHHS
Faculty Advisor: Hachemi Aliouche, Ph.D.

The eyes of much of the business world are focused on data. Analytics of all kinds from consumer bias to correlations in spending and production provide executive teams with direction in how to best use their resources to serve their stakeholders. In the fifteen billion dollar summer camp industry this is no different. Yet certain types of data remain time consuming, difficult to obtain and lacks cohesion in presentation. Specifically, it is difficult to obtain data and analytics that pertain to incident and injury rates. Without the tools to see correlations between incidents and poor policy, organizations are left with gaps in their written risk management policies and practices, relying on institutional memory and tradition to guard their participants. The result: rising injury rates among camp participants of all ages. Founded by camping professionals and recreation enthusiasts, EnterPlayment seeks to ease administrative strains on recreation organizations of all types. We propose to offer a ‘LegalZoom©’ style website for policy compliance related documents and tracking services for summer camps, guide services, and aerial adventure parks. These services will provide the customer with tools to increase the safety of their customers, minimize their liability exposure, while simultaneously saving them the money and time required to develop these tools themselves.

4:00 ENERg: CampLamp (formerly Harness - Gravitational Energy Storage Device)

Nathan Doskocil, CEPS
Brian Finney, PAUL
Liam O'Connor, CEPS
Nicholas Shaw, CEPS
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Earle, Ph.D.

ENERg™, is a safe, sustainable lighting solution that can be run anytime, anywhere, free of fuel, and requires almost no human effort. Our product, the CampLamp™, is a camping light that runs off nothing more than gravity itself. Imagine not having to carry extra fuel for a kerosene lamp, or extra batteries to keep your lantern lit at night. With just the weight of your pack hooked up to our rugged, lightweight system, CampLamp™ can produce light for up to an hour with one cycle. A cycle consists of lifting your bag up, just slightly above your head, and then letting gravity take over. As your pack falls, the gearing system within CampLamp™ preserves the drop time while maintaining enough torque to run the motor to power the built-in LED lamp. CampLamp™ will be portable, durable, and above all else, lightweight, thus making our users’ overall camping experience more convenient and enjoyable. The ergonomic shape of the device will allow it to fit easily in any pocket designed to hold water bottles. The product’s simplicity, allows it to be utilized by a non-camper, going camping for the first time, or by a seasoned adventure-seeker going on a one month excursion.


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