Innovating the Social Sector

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 3:00pm

Ray Kroc beheld beauty in a McDonald’s hamburger because it looked the same wherever it was served. Galen Welsch feels the same way about a cool draught of clean drinking water. The difference? Welsch is focused on places where affordable drinking water is hard to come by. That’s why he cofounded Jibu, a growing network of locally owned businesses that sell “radically affordable” drinking water to underserved people living in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

Welsch wants to earn enough money to scale Jibu and be able to deliver more water to needy people, while also creating employment opportunities for would-be franchisees. So he turned to the one organization perfectly equipped to help him: the Social Sector Franchising Initiative (SSFI), a program of the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise (CSIE), a joint venture between Paul College and the Carsey School of Public Policy. Paul College’s Rosenberg International Franchise Center is a key partner in the initiative.

Led by Bill Maddocks, clinical faculty member at the Carsey School, and Paul College clinical associate professor Fiona Wilson, the Social Sector Franchising Initiative helps build capacity in the emerging field of social sector franchising, while providing exciting research and engagement opportunities for UNH faculty and students.

“Social franchising applies commercial franchising best practices to providing life-saving or enhancing social goods and services,” said Wilson. “These organizations are primarily motivated by social impact rather than profit, and are represented across the developing world in healthcare, clean water and sanitation, clean energy, education and other sectors.”

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