Innovating our Curriculum

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 3:00pm

As he prepared to return to his former life as professor of strategic management and technology at Paul College, Peter Lane looked back at his tenure as associate dean of faculty and graduate programs knowing he had made a difference. In particular, he led the faculty in an overhaul of the MBA program.

Due to market changes, the well-known Executive MBA was closed and those resources were reinvested in the other MBA programs. The full-time, online and part-time MBA programs have been updated, strengthened and, most important of all, said Lane, “We’ve turned them into something our faculty and alumni collaborators are excited about!”

Students should be excited, too. 

Today’s graduate students want maximum flexibility to design their programs and access specializations, letting them go deep on areas that interest them.

“People get an MBA because they want a better job,” Lane said. “Everything about your program—even the names of your classes—must offer this promise of preparation.”

This fall, the college is rolling out a new slate of specializations including global business, digital marketing, analytics, growth and innovation, and hospitality management.

“Paul College is now one of a handful of universities in the country offering specialization in hospitality management,” Lane says.

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