Internship Opportunity Fund Application

To be considered for the Internship Opportunity Fund (IOF), students must submit the following by the application deadline:

  1.   Resume
  2.   Complete essay (no more than 500 words) answering the following questions:
    •    Why is this internship important for your career goals?
    •    Why do you consider this to be a high-quality internship?
    •    How will these funds enable you to pursue the internship you desire?
    •    Provide specific detail stating how the money will be used and why these funds will support your pursuit of this internship
  3.   One letter of recommendation by a faculty or staff member, and/or an employer
  4.   Verification of an internship offer – or submit descriptions of 2-4 internships you are actively pursuing
The Paul College Dean's Executive Advisory Board, Dean Merrill-Sands and a committee of Paul College faculty and staff will screen final applicants.

Click Here to Upload your resume, essay, letter of recommendation, and a copy of your offer letter

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